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Published: 2021-07-22
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I was born in California, but my parents moved to Chicago when I was still young. However, the majority of my family still live in live California. My family's work health and safety history have been writhed with numerous challenges. Being born in a large family, it is quite obvious that not every one of us would achieve a better life in relation to work healthy and security. My father is an IT expert, two of my uncles are engineers while the remaining two do not have stable jobs. My aunt is a teacher, and my grandmother used to be a nurse. My grandfather used to work in the army but resigned on medical grounds, and that initiated the final financial problems that he experienced in his later ages. My family's work health and safety history can be understood better when an analysis of the job history of my family members is done and how they contributed to the well-being of the family.

My grandfather used to be in the army for ten years. However, his job was cut short on medical grounds. This was during the colonial error when work conditions were deplorable, and his salary could barely support the family. The job was not safe at all since at times he would come with significant injuries from the battlefield as narrated by my dad. Health provision by the army was extremely poor back then since soldiers who would encounter major injuries would be neglected and it would be the responsibility of their families to take care of them. This happened to my grandfather, and it subjected my family to a series of problems that eventually affected the education of some of my uncles. My grandmother worked as a nurse. However, back then the salary was meager, and she could barely support my dad and his siblings due to the extensive nature of the family. Her work health was average as she was never predisposed to dangerous situations that could affect her life. Due to her consisted struggles and commitment to the family, she managed to educate my dad, together with my two uncles and aunt. But it is quite unfortunate that some of my uncles had to sacrifice their education so that their brothers would be educated. After securing relatively better jobs, the work health and safety of my father and some of his brothers gradually improved. My dad could pay for all of us school fees, and we went to averagely better schools. I am an electrical engineer, and my sister is a botanist. My mother is a nurse too, and she takes care of the family in relation to health. We live in a more secure environment as compared to where my grandparents used to live. In general, my family work health and safety has gradually improved with time.

Every job that one does comes with sanitation and security issues. In analyzing my grandfather's job, it is quite evident that he went through numerous problems while doing his job. Back then, the military had no proper medical cover, and the soldiers who would get serious injuries on the battlefield would be neglected by the army. It would be the sole responsibility of their families to take care of them and pay for their medical fees. Unfortunately, this happened to my grandfather who had a significant injury while on a mission in Afghanistan. He was flown home and abandoned by the government, and it was the responsibility of my family to take care of him. His job was never safe at all. Most of the time, the American soldiers were at war with different countries, and this put his life at great risk. My grandmother's work health was relatively better since she was not predisposed to dangerous things that would affect her life. However, she had to take serious precautions when dealing with drugs and while taking care of patients. It is imperative to note that back then, the lives of nurses were not fully protected from communicable diseases of patients. Life in California was not safe at all. She used to stay with my dad and his siblings in California while grandfather was away for war in other countries. The state was writhed with numerous cases of violence, murder, and racism. My father's job is very secure, and he rarely gets injuries from the workplace. My uncles and aunts also have relatively secure jobs, and they live in more secure areas as compared to their security in California.

The careers of each family member are riddled with both long term and short term health consequences. Grandfather's career was the most affected by the injuries he got in the battlefield. His injury was long-term, and it affected the family both emotionally and financially. The family had to take care of his medical bills. Eventually, he died out of the internal injuries that he got in the battlefield. My grandmother's career barely had health consequences on her. She was a nurse, and her work environment was averagely conducive despite the fact that back then, medical institutions were not well developed. She played a significant role in taking care of my father and his siblings. Both my mum and father's career has no health consequences in the family. In fact, they have played a significant role in providing the best health services to the family. We constantly go for checkups, and we are usually taken to the best health institutions whenever we fall sick. My aunt is financially stable hence she takes care of her family without exposing them to any health risks. She has a proper medical cover for every member of her family. In general, the careers of my family members have never experienced serious health consequences apart from my grandfather's that was writhed many long-term health effects.

Working conditions are typically affected by various political, economic and social events. In 1960, there was political turmoil in the USA. America was at war with different nations, and that put my grandfather at significant risk. As narrated by my dad, grandfather was ever at war, and he would only come home for a few days. The economy of the country back then had not been stabilized hence most soldiers did not have medical cover. Just like my grandfather, the majority of them paid for the medical bills after sustaining serious injuries in the battlefield. Racism is one of the social factors that affected my grandmother's working condition. She experienced massive racism in her workplace being that she was one of the first African-Americans nurses in the country. My father and his siblings work conditions are relatively better as compared to my grandparents' since currently there is economic stability and politics is not extreme as compared to 1960's. However, social factors such as racism still thrive in small proportions. Even in my workplace, people are still subjected to racism.

In general, my family's work health and safety has never been that bad. My grandparents struggled so much to educate my dad and his siblings. Eventually, with the growth of economy and development of sober politics, work health and security has massively improved. My parents are working in relatively safe and secure places.

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