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Published: 2021-07-21
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In search of commercial advertisements online or in our television screens, you cannot miss spotting a name of all time big movie actor. In fact, you will notice fairly some American stars starring various big TV commercials in most of the foreign countries in the world, but not within the United. Traditionally, both the Hollywood stars were disinclined to appear in any widespread advertising commercial campaigns with an assumption that it cheapened their respectability and at the same time these commercial adverts were perceived to be selling out. Thus, most of these stars believed that commercial adverts will injure their fan base or will damage one's critical public image. That is why most of the American stars take part in these foreign commercial TV adverts with a view that such ads are only shown in foreign countries and not in the United States. Thus, this paper explores whether the demand for American stars in foreign advertising will continue or not and whether the internet will encourage or discourage the trend of American stars engaging in foreign advertisements.

Whenever we turn our TVs on or log on to our internet, we typically see actors such as Brad Pitt acting as the personal assistant of a sumo wrestler. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pierce Brosnan, Cameron Diaz and Jodi foster, too has been seen on many Japan TVS ads on food products, drinks, and television networks. The demand of American stars illuminating our screens has risen significantly in foreign advertisements since most of these commercials companies contracting these stars have thought that American stars height of popularity will attract more consumers to products in which they take part in advertising. These stars being all-around winners internationally, their big names bridge the customer and ads distance. Thus, given they're oversharing of their extensive social media presence and visibility of being renown worldwide, more, they tend to attract more people whom commercial ads company presume will be converted to being their clients too. Therefore, the American stars demand in most of these commercial advertisement company will still be there, in fact, their demand will be on an increasing trend.

The presence of internet that offers YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook have created so far a culture of overshares. Hence, there is an increasing demand of trend that requires celebrities to be used in most of the commercial advertisements. The talk that centers on the emergence of the internet as being the breaking point of movie stars on commercial adverts is uncalled. In fact, the internet itself has led to more commercialization of these American stars since most people nowadays feel comfortable entirely with the idea of seeing American star in any commercial either on internet or television adverts. The Internet at the same time is the one entitled to be breaking the barriers that existed initially that defined these celebrates defined with distance. The Internet has brought to our google desk more and new celebrities who warm our commercial adverts. Hence, culturally, the advent of sharing and internet thus, the old special outside is gone.

Therefore, all American stars that have lent foreign advertisements with images to brands would still be treasured by these commercial advertising companies. The Internet will still be integral in encouraging the trend of American stars being used as agents of commercial ads. All these foreign ads companies will still require these stars to take part in these foreign advertisements.

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