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Published: 2021-08-03
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Kelsey Ramsden has demonstrated that leadership entails sacrifice and dedication. According to Her, there is no room for saying that it cannot be done. She uses her multitasking skills to manage the Belvedere Company and ensure that the company thrives in this sector. She is the mother of three children (GRAHAM, 2017). At ordinary circumstances, we would expect that she fails in her company duties as she attends to her children. However, this is not the case; she multitasks her duties through proper time management. She understands that as much as she wants things done within the shortest time possible, she also considers the quality of the outcome of whatever she does. She also emphasizes the need to prioritize her activities. She understands that not everything is urgent, the degree of urgency differs, it is from here that a leader strategizes how she or he needs to handle the issues. Also from her leadership, we see her entrusting other personnel in carrying out some duties. It is not everything that you need to do yourself, for you to succeed you need to trust others that you work with.

Vroom-Jago leader demonstrates the various methods that are used by leaders in the decision

making process. To determine the model that one should use some questions that need to be answered.

Autocratic (A1)

At this stage, Kelsey can decide to use the information at hand without making further inquiries from the team.

Autocratic (A2)

This is where the leader consults with the team to get specific information that can be used to make a particular decision.

Consultative (C1)

At this stage, the team members are informed of the issue at hand and ask members to give their opinions individually, at this stage the group is not brought together for discussion. From the opinion, you are left to make the final decision (GRAHAM, 2017)..

Consultative (C2)

At this method, the group comes together and engages in a discussion about the matter at hand but still the decision making lies with the leaders hands.

Collaborative (G2)

Here the group works together to come up with a consensus; the leader plays the role of facilitation you guide the team to come up with a decision.

Depending on the issue that is being deliberated on the leader can decide what strategy to use.

Transformational leadership

A transformative leader possess the following skills;

Vision- they have clear ideas and sense of direction and ensures that there is consistency in communication and enhancing collaboration between the respective stakeholders.

Charisma-Kelsey would use her power of personal reference and take care of their emotions with the ultimate aim of arousing the other individuals enthusiasm (GRAHAM, 2017).

Appreciation- It is important to appreciate members of your team who makes a mark at ensuring that excellence is celebrated. This will serve as motivation to the other members.

Empowerment- performance obstacles should be removed to allow growth among members.

Integrity- honesty, and credibility should be the guiding principles for all leaders (Schmidt & Nourse, 2016).

Resilience skills as demonstrated by Kesley Ramsden

Pump up your positivity

We learn from Kesley Ramsden of the importance of remaining positive despite the turmoils, she experienced losses and strongly endured frustrations, but she still had the potential to carry on. She remained positive during the very difficult moments.

Live to learn

She developed a notion of learning from the challenges and the problems that she encountered in her journey to success. As leaders, we should be ready to learn from our challenges this will help us develop a resiliency that will enable us to mount up in our ladders to success (Schmidt & Nourse, 2016).

Hang on to humor

She found treasure in doing what made her happy; she enjoyed spending time with her children. When we are faced with challenges it is important to hang around with people or activities that make us happy, this helps in lifting the burden that might be lying on our shoulders.

Kelsey Ramsden is a good example of what can be referred to as a visionary, transformative and visionary leader who is worth emulating if you are to gain mileage in your leadership skills.


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