Medical Essay on Mechanical Heart Valve

Published: 2021-08-17 03:40:48
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The development of the mechanical heart valve in the field of medicine is one of the most contemporary of all the success stories in the field of medicine. This is because many people with heart always become severely disabled and soon die unless a prosthetic valve can be applied. The blood clot also known as thromboses which are always coursed by the presence of the presence of the artificial valves can be viewed to be a serious problem and always cause the greatest percentage of the problems that occur.

Strut fracture in the valve

Even though the number of the valve structure is not so much as compared to the number of the valves implanted because almost all valves were similar occurring at the same time and at the same point where the valve outlet was welded to the outlet,

The various symptoms of the or resulting from the valve failure are always similar to those of the other heart failure.

The ethical dimensions of the defectiveness hold that the ethical choices are always one of the most desirable amounts that result in the maximum amount of good choices and always minimizes the bad choices.

What are the moral values at stake for the provided case study

The various available moral values in the case study include:

The power of choice, the patients are given the opportunity to decide for themselves with the advice of a practitionnaire, and this has greatly helped solved the various dilemma in the study.

State the ethi9cal dilemmas found in the case study

Some of the ethical dilemmas found in the case study include:

Ethical choice can be described one that results from the maximum amount and utilization of the good consequences while at the same time minimizing the bad ones for almost all the affected.

If the balance of the good and the bad are almost the same, i.e., they are not more defective than any other then forcing fit into the market would be very unfair and at the same time very discriminatory to form another or use a different standard of the valve from the rest. Therefore utility is just one of the competing ethical direction that exists among the ethical choices.

Another main form of the ethical dimension or the tradition is the deontology. This impacts thought and emphasizes that respect for an individual as a person who is having all the freedom to choose and therefore any ethical concept must take into consideration this idea of individualism or deontology. People should therefore not be considered not as vessels to make a good end but should be considered as the ends themselves.

All the above ethical dilemmas are therefore placed to interface with the various choices of a surgeon, patient and also the FDA.

Describe and explain the steps you will take to solve this ethical dilemmas

The various steps, which will be taken to solve these ethical dilemmas, include:

The utility ethical situation can properly be solved through maximum utilization of the good and the fortune resources to ensure that the balance of the good and the bad does not exist but otherwise the maintain the good option while outdoing the bad ethics. Therefore we should fight to maintain a proper utility ethics to ensure that the utility ethical dilemma is in one way or the other solved.

The ethical dilemma that exists due to deontology can properly be solved. This can earnestly be achieved through giving the various individuals the freedom choice mainly to maintain and that which is good. It can also be achieved through maintaining and ensuring that your work or even patients are not the vessels you are using to accomplish a good end but to ensure that you proper take good care of them to ensure that they form the good end themselves. This will greatly help maintain the ethical dilemmas that exist in the case study.

State the ethical aspects of this paper about the respect to the beneficence non- maleficence, autonomy and justice

The ethical aspects about the above-mentioned dilemma are properly provided in the case study and are illustrated as:

In the above study, many patients have been given the opportunity o choose or to have their valve implanted outside. This is because they did not want to live with the possibly defective heart valve and therefore they have greatly been given the power choose for themselves which is a very great respect to the beneficence.

There also has bee n a great opportunity for improvement of the heart valve within the system, and this greatly brings the ethical solution.

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