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Published: 2021-07-20
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Personal statement
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Hard work is the key to success it is an axiom that most of us are familiar with, but also establishing and recognizing relationships and connections are key to success. I developed my passion for public relations (PR) when I was pursuing my undergraduate studies in Jain University, where I majored in Business Management. Also, my father was my mentor who helped me in deciding my majors and shared his knowledge and experience as a CEO of his company, which were significant in shaping my thoughts. He relentlessly advised me on various career to pursue, hence realizing I was interested in pursuing a Public Relations career he motivated, inspired and shaped my thoughts from one academic level to the other. Master Degree in Public Relation will enhance my skills and proficiency in enhancing human connection and interaction, to be perfect and presentable in public speaking.

I found public relation as a much interesting career, especially after taking the programs that introspect and retrospect on me taking up PR as my career path. My passion for Public Relations (PR) was the culmination of a journey starting from my undergraduate studies at Jain University in my hometown Bangalore where I majored in Business Management, and I completed it on between 2012. Later on, I decided to try pursuing something related to the liberal arts which would allow me to explore my creative side. In 2015, I accomplished my Masters Degree in Media and Communications at Christ University. I was able to learn ideas on the power of print and electronic media and I acquired prowess in making the critical analysis. As part of the virtual campus tour on the universitys website, while taking my studies at the university, I was exposed to the public environment in a corporate perspective where I interviewed people and interacted with them, where I learnt public speaking and how to present myself. . I was selected to be the art director for a drama titled Death Arsis which explored the plight of poor a single woman who resorted to prostitution to feed her family. From content creation, editing and presenting to a large audience to familiarizing myself with tools such as Quark Express and Corel Draw, these activities allowed me to explore my writing, speaking and presentation skills in a way I had never done before. The program was significant in shaping my career path.

After my course completion, I began working as a PR consultant for three major companies. At then, I was well equipped with adequate skill in the public relation which favored me in securing employment in one of the busiest and lucrative companies in Bangalore India. I gained a concrete foundation in public relation back in 2015, where I worked at Aim Consulting, as an Accounting Executive; where I received a firm foundation on the various public relations processes, working out PR strategies according to the clients request, and preserving the decent relations through media round. Then, later on, I moved to Stayzilla as a Marketing manager, where I started and initiated the concept of home stay both on the Indian and the companys website. Then my recent employment was with Zeno (A Daniel J. Edelman Company), where I worked between March 2016 to the September 2016, as an Account Executive; whereby I was privileged to work with local and international brands like Wildcraft India PVT. ltd, Amagi technologies, and Lenovo. I was tasked with the responsibility of developing and implementing and managing entire public relations efforts, together with initiating long term and short-term communication strategies. The big names upped the ante while greater responsibility and increased client exposure meant my work was more thoroughly scrutinized. I welcomed this opportunity to understand more about diverse industries and enjoyed working with senior members of Zeno as well the client leadership. At this point, I felt that I had found my calling with PR and was determined to work hard and build a successful career out of it.

I started building my successful career, and then, later on, my life took an exciting turn last year when I got married to my fiancee who lives in Chicago. Both my husband and I were not naive to disregard the significant cultural differences between India and US; feeling the pulse of the masses is the key requirement for developing an effective PR strategy and I would have to do that to an audience with a different mindset than what I was used to. Although, I still felt that I needed to understand how the media operates in the US before resuming my career. Thats when I decided to do a graduate course focusing on core PR strategies, advertising, and media relations, which would help me revive it in the USA as well as give an opportunity to experience a different country.

I choose ________________ Universitys _________ program for two reasons.

I was starting a new life of my life in Chicago hence needed a school in the city, but more importantly, I wanted to attend a school which not only had a robust academic program but was also well respected and recognized in the industry.

The PRAD program has a well-rounded curriculum focusing on foundational courses, creative processes, and data analysis such as; a holistic approach which will empower me to contribute to and manage multiple facets of projects.

I strongly believe that DePaul will be a momentous step in my journey to achieve professional excellence and in my endeavor to attain Thomas Jefferson's pursuit of Happiness

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