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Published: 2021-06-29
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In the next couple of months, Huntsman Hotels, PLC, aim to undertake several radical changes focused on increasing its competitive advantage in Europe and beyond. The company has its principal focus on expanding its services to the European Union countries, collaborating with like-minded hotels, and inviting a takeover by a larger group to improve its share capital to attract more investors. Following the above strategic objectives, the company is set to reevaluate its core values, reassert its competitive advantage in the hotel industry, improve, and add additional attractive services to attract more customers and affirm its unique attraction to the locals and tourists in the larger region and cities within the United Kingdom. Due to the stiff competition in the industry that is gradually pushing the hotel to irrelevance and poor performance, the hotel is set to roll out key changes within its structure that will entail organizational structure, Organisational culture, its vision, mission, and strategy, in addition to human behavioral changes. The above changes aim at preparing the company for future mergers and acquisition, improve its performance, and reaction to existing pressures within the management. Additionally, the company aspires to make changes to inject new ideas, people, and changes within its management.

To achieve the above objectives and set the hotel for the upcoming mergers, acquisition and improvement of performance, the human resource department is on course to directly involve all employees in addressing the above issues. For a strong change effect, the human resource department is also set to have a direct one on one with all employees to involve their input on the above issues. The department is particularly concerned with some pertinent managerial issues affecting the welfare of employees derailing performance and hindering growth and progress in respective critical departments. For example, the administration has come to learn of delayed payments, poor relations with the top management, poor morale amongst employees, lack of focus on the companys core values of employees, and weak organisational work ethics, in addition to the lack of a union to address employee concerns. As the department embarks to affect the core agenda previously mentioned, all issues about employee welfare will be treated with the aim of aligning all key objectives together with employee wellbeing. The Human Resource department is committed to improving employees working environment by listening to any concerns raised and forthcoming challenges realized. Kegan and Lahey (2009), argues that employee welfare forms a critical component of an organizations success and change management.

For a successful change process, the human resource department kindly requests all employees to develop a positive attitude towards the entire exercise believing and trusting that the intended changes, mainly aim at improving their welfare within the organisation and reduce poor morale and resignations. All employees are thus requested to participate positively towards the initiative to reduce time wastage and achieve the set goals for the entire exercise. The department is primarily concerned first with employee welfare before anything else as concerns the fundamental changes to be effected. Employee involvement in an organizations change process forms the principal critical component of achieving success in initiating change (Warrick 13).

As mentioned earlier, the management is keen on effecting changes in its vision, mission, and strategy, human behavior, organizational structure, and corporate culture. The administration is set to identify some of the challenges, opportunities, threats, actions, market forces, and uncontrollable factors contributing to the deteriorating situation in the hotel. Once this is done, all employees will take part in an informal exchange program in which they will participate and give their opinions on some of the pertinent issues they feel is bringing down the performance of the hotel. This will be carried out on a one on one basis to enable all employees to contribute towards the desired changes. Before the start, all employees will perform an in-depth analysis of the performance of their respective departments, duties, and responsibilities in line with the company's core values, vision, and mission statement. All employees are therefore urged to feel free to give their honest opinion on the state of affairs within the organization.

Job Advertisement

Job Vacancy Deputy Hotel Manager

Location:Marseille, United Kingdom

Salary:25,000 - 28,000

About the Company

Huntsman Hotels, PLC, has over 60 hotels in the United Kingdom and is on course to acquire and merge with international hotels throughout Europe. Huntsman is not only a hotel, but a recreational facility with the luxury to attract and accommodate high class personalities, presidents, ministers, royals and high ranking members of the society from all over the world. The hotel has its week and months well booked in advance with workers fully engaged in handling the high state of inflow and outflow of guests. Due to the managements concern for workers welfare, the hotel has in place checks and balances that guide its relationship with all workers of all levels.

The food is British and seasonal, a fact that is majorly dictated by guests' demands and the hotels local supplies.

RoleThe hotel is looking for a dynamic, motivated, experienced, and disciplined deputy manager to offer leadership and join the team, especially in the cocktail, drinks, and stylish department.

The candidate should be enthusiastic, self driven, with a genuine passion for customer service and steady approach to team administration.

The deputy manager will play a significant role in ensuring that the team work in accordance wit the hotels vision and mission statement, delight and respect the customers, in addition to showing the best the hotel has to offer its customers.

The candidate should be someone with high level of commitment to the hotel industry, hospitality, and public relations exercise. Additionally the candidate will have and develop a develop support system aimed at improving and managing the hotels level of growth.


The hotel management will provide:

25,000 - 28,000 per annum

4 weeks holiday

Life Assurance

Training and career development

18% discount in all of the hotels services and products

A good working environment in addition to a progressive opportunity to future successful endeavors within the Hotels management unit.

The hotel management is grateful for your interest and encourages candidates with the above

Qualification to apply now. The hotel believes in empowering its staff to give their best to the customers.

Key Issues and Changes

As a fast-changing industry, the Hotel management seeks to implement the above measures to improve its internal management strategies, in addition to external factors that will play a critical role in its operations. The issues include making changes in the companys vision and mission strategy, changes in human behavior, variations in the companys corporate and organizational structure. The above changes seek to introduce a different work oriented culture within the hotel with the aim of injecting new work ethic and corporate culture. While it is important to realign the hotel with the major strategic measures as mentioned above, it is also critical not to veer off the companys general focus on making changes.

As at the moment, the Human Resource department has made changes in the employee's work schedule, working hours, shifts, and the introduction of new work ethics. For example, all the staff working in the afternoon are expected to report to the workstation one hour before their due time to avoid lateness and prompt service to customers. Initially, this was a challenging problem the hotel management experienced as workers reported late, dragging other services behind time and schedule.

On the other hand, the employees were taken through a training program aimed at improving efficiency, productivity, and input. The training program involved time management, talent management, performance management, goal setting, and planning. The high training focused on improving employee target accomplishment, effective communication, tracking progress, productivity improvement, and schedule creation. With the above objectives, the management of Huntsman group of hotels. According to Warrick (15), employee training is a vital step in improving productivity and aligning employee work with the HR expectations, duties and responsibilities within an employees docket. Additionally, Warrick (16), maintain that focusing on improving employee potential is critical to an organizations progress and well being.


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