Love, Law, and Civil Disobedience vs. Uprooted - Critical Comparison of Articles

Published: 2021-07-01
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There are quite some similarities between the two articles. Both articles entail political activism to champion for a particular cause. The article Love, Law and Civil disobedience by Martin Luther King Jr. talks about racial equality through a peaceful means just like the article Uprooted by Sarah Pike which is dealing with environmental activism. Both articles in a way have a common cause to be achieved using peaceful resolutions. For example, in the former article, Martin Luther talks about a philosophy of non-violent resistance which helps to bring out constructive moral ends while the later article depicts a situation in which one protestor speaks about a peaceful protest.

Both articles talk about the challenges experienced during peaceful protests and peaceful movements. For example, the article Love, Law, and Civil Disobedience talks about the privileged people who hate activist movements and will seldom give up their privileges unless a strong resistance is put up. The article Uprooted talks about how hardline environmentalists are subjected to surveillance by bodies such as the FBI which send undercover agents to disrupt activist communities. Thus, both articles show that activists normally have a rough time trying to clamor for their causes. Also, in both articles, the political activists believe in their cause so much as to endure human suffering as a result of trying to find justice. The article Uprooted talks about Luers who served a 10-year jail term and came up the pretty impact with the very political activist ideas that had taken him to prison.

There are also some differences between the two articles. While the article by Martin Luther talks about being peaceful at all times of the movement and preaching love, the characters in the article uprooted sometimes use violent means to pass their message. One example is Leurs who burned two SUVs and vandalized machines. The other difference is that the article Uprooted talks about radical environmental groups and participate in acts of civil disobedience while the former article talks about the philosophy of nonviolence in which there is a moral obligation to refuse to cooperate with evil. The other difference between them also is the fact that the former article talks about human rights activism while the latter article talks about environmental activism. These are two different types of activism whose characteristics are totally different from one another.

The other difference between the information in the two articles is the motivation behind the human rights activism described in the article by Luther and the eco-environmental activism described by the article Uprooted. While logical reasoning and equality fuel the former type of activism under the law, the later type of activism is fanned by some believe that turns out to be almost a spiritual believe. For example, Leurs used to talk to trees and therefore his political actions to fight for environmental conservation is largely motivated by the fact that he sees trees as his Gods.This explains why hardline environmentalists are willing to do anything including committing felony crimes in a bid to save trees.

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