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Published: 2021-08-02
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Unlucky Mother of Aquilles Maldanodo is a story under the book titled Wild Child that is written by T.C. Boyle. The narrates an ordeal by a Venezuelan baseball hero whose success led to kidnap of his mother. Marita Villalba (the mother) was abducted by a down-and-out band of banditos, but she expressed heroic acts throughout the story. She was imprisoned for several months which forced her to use all her resources to secure her freedom. The character is important because of several acts she did that proved to be crucial in overcoming the torment she faced under her captors. The primary qualities expressed by the character include being heroic, caring and optimistic.

The character expressed some heroism act while under the hands of her abductors. Firstly, while she was being driven in the car under unconducive environment, she slapped back the boy who hit her although it landed her into more trouble. She was dangerously punched until she passed on but after becoming conscious Marita becomes furious and angry, and she vowed to revenge on the boy who hit her. Marita went on to slap the boy who had hold of her and accused them of being hoodlums. She said that you are criminals, narcotraficantes, kidnappers, cowards. (Boyle, 135).

Moreover, Marita was a very optimistic person. While she was being led through the jungle, she believed that Aquilles would come to her rescue despite the situation. Marita thought all her suffering was brought about by the fame of his son and they wanted him and his money which he earned by his sweat and talent. In her own words, she said that he will come for me. I know he will. (Boyle, 136). Other than Aquilles, Marita had the hope that the boys will come to their real sense and change for the better good of their lives. She knew the boys more than they knew themselves and although she faced imminent danger from them, she went ahead and prepare them corn cakes for supper and dinner. This shows a person who wished well for their future lives.

Marita was also a caring person. She became concerned about the life of the boys who she termed as uneducated, unloved, addicts and spawn of prostitutes. She was worried that they knew nothing about cruelty and they risked being dead before reaching thirty years. She gathered herbs and other food to cook for her kidnappers. She offered the boys water that made them happy about her care, and they appreciated her efforts of washing their clothes which was a kind act despite being oppressed. This character forced El Ojo (abductor) to apologize to her for their crude actions. He said that you are a good mother and I am sorry we had to take you. But this is life. (Boyle, 141). Moreover, El Ojo feared to mistreat her anymore, and he told Eduardo she is a good person, a saint better than you will ever be. I wont touch her- no one will. Now hold out your hand. (Boyle, 141).

Conclusively, the character expressed some unusual qualities that baffled her abductors. She expressed heroism by dealing with the boys physical and also had a good heart by taking care of them despite being oppressed. Marita will be loved by the readers because of this exemplifying character.

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