Literary Analysis Essay on The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving

Published: 2021-07-28
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Conflict was common in the Walker family. On a daily basis, you would hear Tom Walkers wifes voice bickering such that the neighbors became used to her noise. Tom was also a loud fellow. One would think that they were competing on who had the loudest voice in the house. Apart from causing arguments, another common aspect between Tom Walker and his wife is that they enjoyed gambling. Their poor financial status was caused by Tom whereby he traded almost all their assets in gambling. One day while heading to work after a serious argument with his wife, Tom decided to take a shortcut using his bike. He had never used the shortcut before but was familiar with the rumors associated with the route.

Some people said that whoever used the route never returned while others claimed that there were murderers who fed on human flesh and hence not a route worth considering. While riding his bike, Tom came across a grey suitcase that appeared to be expensive. He picked up, put it under his arms then rode off before anyone would notice. He managed to get to work without encountering any murderer. While in the elevator heading to his department, a man in a grey suit walked in and introduced himself as Mr. Furtive. The man smiled at Tom while raining his hat as a sign of greeting. One could tell that he was rich from the expensive suit, watch and rings. Tom blankly stared at him and experienced a bit of struggle in trying to begin a conversation. Tom then noticed the name also engraved in the suitcase.

Might this be yours Mr. Furtive? I found it while I was on my way to work, but I have not yet opened it, said Tom. It is indeed mine, but I would not mind if you kept it for me for some time. The elevator then opened on which Tom could no longer see Mr. Furtive leaving due to the crowd which was getting into the elevator. Tom spend the whole day curious about what was in the briefcase. He informed his wife about the briefcase and his encounter with Mr. Furtive. They struggled to open the briefcase but eventually managed. The couple was shocked to find a million dollars in the case. They stared at each for almost an hour before the wife decided to make them dinner. While eating, Tom received a call from a strange number whereby the caller requested to see him in the next hour at the same spot where he found the suitcase.

No sooner did Tom leave, than the wife took the briefcase and drove off. I knew that it was you Mr. Furtive. What can I do for you? Tom told the man after he found him standing at the spot. I want to make you rich again Tom. The money in the case was just a bonus. Tom stared at him in disbelief and questions the man, But why? I barely know you. I am tired of Mr. Peabody running the company. I made him who he is right now, but it is as if he has forgotten my good deeds. I also enjoy your enthusiasm, said the man. The two conversed for some time in which Tom eventually left due to time. Arriving at his house, his wife and his SUV were nowhere to be found. He tried looking for her the following the day, but no one appeared to have a clue of where she went. At the office, news spreads of Mr. Peabody's death. Tom then realized that the man was not an illusion.


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