Literary Analysis Essay on So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell

Published: 2021-08-15
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So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell, start with the tenant farmer Lloyd being murdered by his neighbor Smith Clarence and after that, it was followed by an experience of the subsequent suicide of Clarence. Throughout the story, most of the things unfold through different protagonists demonstrating their own stories as to how the dramatical scenario took place. The feelings and the fact of memory started through the loss of the authors mother when he was ten years, with the flight of the imaginations beginning when the Cletus and the narrator are playing on the site of construction. Through the story, the essay will demonstrate the writers relationship with the past events and a discussion on the answer to the question, How we know what has happened?

I very much doubt that I would have remembered for more than fifty years the murder of a tenant farmer, I never laid eyes on it if the murder hadnt been the father of someone I knew, and I hadnt later on done something I was ashamed of afterward.

Some of the conclusions that one can draw about the writer's relationship with the past events is that the narrator was affected emotionally, demonstrating that the death of his mother severely affected him. On the other hand, after murder and infidelity have destroyed Cletus life. The narrator could demonstrate emotional reaction, and this is showcased in the high school hallway where he was able to ignore his friends, this, in the long run, left a big rift that demands serious need and preparation of changing the past.

Consequently, the narrator was able in his story to take a journalist approach in reconstructing the murder and the fidelity, hence having to consult newspaper records that could be invented or even read. Through the warning that he provides showing that if any part of such mixture of fiction and truth strikes the reader as unconvincing, then she or he has my permission of disregarding it. Through this Maxwell show courage both in addressing the reader and provide a discussion on the mode of telling through the text. Through the story, the narrator imagines the reader to have an imagination on how cards turned up at one specific moment, showing the details on the two families and tenant farm and the long-term friendship that was existing between them, this is demonstrated through Cletus eyes. Surprisingly, through the series of cards turned into a third person chapter showing a second farm family, being controlled by the man who was having a love relationship with Cletus mother.

Basically, through the confidence and the freedom of Maxwells point of view, tremendous inspiration is made and can lend authority to the tales teller, irrespective of the risk of showing what John Gardener identified as The dream of fiction. On the other hand, Maxwells answers to the question, How do we know what happened is shown through revealing details on the two tenant farm families, what happened to their long friendship. On the other hand, through the series, he can change into a third person chapter showing the life of the second farm family who was controlled by the man who was having an affair with the mother of Cletus. One is left with an imagination on how Cletus moved to town with his mother, after separation with the father and had no authority of working the firm.

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