Literary Analysis Essay on Oh My Love is a Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

Published: 2021-08-18
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The theme brought out in the poem A Red, Red Rose is that of intense love. The speaker in the poem expresses his love for his Scottish goddess. The poet tries to strike a balance between inner and external beauty. He says that beauty is transitory, but love is eternal in the bid to remind his readers how love is unique and everlasting.

The poem entirely focuses on love. The subject brought out is that of a poet who is immensely in love and is willing to cross oceans for his loved one. He expresses this love through these poetic lyrics. One of the writing styles used by the poet is symbolism. He uses a rose to symbolize his love with a red rose my love is like a red, red rose sprung in June. (Burns, 7). In another instance, he uses as fine art thou, my bonnie lass to symbolize the beauty of his loved one.

The speakers tone is full of optimism and joyfulness. The poet is very optimistic about his love, and he even reassures his love that he will love her till the seas run dry gang.

The writer has hope in his voice. He expresses his happiness on how he found a new love as bright as the sun.

The poet uses a hyperbolic expression like I will love you till the seas run dry gang to indicate that he is going to love this beautiful woman till eternity.

The road is not taken Robert Frost

The subject expressed by the poet is about life choices and opportunities. He compares his choice of one of the two diverging roads with the choices that people are left with the obligation to make about life. The regrets associated with leaving the other road are a reflection of the regrets that accompany us upon dropping various opportunities for another.

The poems main theme is that of hope, success and the fruits of choosing the path to follow in life appropriately. He associates success in life with the choice of the right path.

Frost uses the road to symbolize the journey of life. He also speaks of the dilemma that one is caught up in choosing one of the two roads, which symbolizes the obstacles that one has to deal with in the journey of life. the road is gone (Frost,6). A road that is gone represents the difficulties that one has to deal with through the journey of life. The challenges in choosing the right path symbolize the challenges we deal with to make the right choice.

The poet also uses imagery to describe the nearby atmosphere when he says the road diverged into the yellow wood. The whole poem is metaphorical. Roads represent the journey of life the diverging points of the road represents the point in life when we have to stop to decide which path to follow. The yellow woods are an expression that it is an autumn season.

To my dear and lovely Husband Anne Bradstreet

The theme of this poem is that of love more of conjugal love. A love between the husband and the poet. The poet expresses immense love for her husband and explains that one cannot purchase love. Other themes that emerge in this poem are the theme of death and religion.

The subject of this poem is love. A sheer love that is immensely strong enough to bind two into one. The poet brings out the special chemistry and the romantic and amazing relationship between her and her husband.

The voice of the poet is one that is soft from the way she expresses her utterances in line 1-3. If ever two were one, then surely we. If ever man were loved by wife, then thee; if ever wife was happy in man. The gentleness in her voice resembles that of a person in love.

She uses imagery when she says My love is such that rivers cannot quench; the heavens reward thee manifold. These lines are an expression of how strong and steadfast her love for her husband is.

The poet symbolically compares her thirst for his love as that the thirst that rivers are not in a position to quench. She uses the expression I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold, Or all the riches that the East doth hold as an implication that her love for her husband is incomparable to material things.

One of the quotes that are elaborate in this poem is My love is such that rivers cannot quench, nor ought but love from thee, give recompense (Bradstreet, 3).


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