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Published: 2021-08-11
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Jeff Bezos was born in 1964; he is an American technologist, retail entrepreneur, computer scientist, investor and a philanthropist. He is best recognized as the founder and CEO of Amazon.com. Amazon is the world largest online retail shopping retailer. Amazon original business was an internet merchant of books, over the years the online store has expanded to incorporate other goods and services and in recent years audio and video streaming. Moreover, Amazon is currently the largest provider of cloud infrastructure and largest internet sales company. Bezos graduated from Princeton University with Bachelors of Science degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. Bezos professional experience started in business. Upon graduation, he worked on Wall Street in the computer science department where he concentrated on building networks for Fitel an international company. In 1994 he went ahead to found Amazon. Later in 2000, he founded a human spaceflight company. In 2013 he purchased the Washington Post. Other investments he has made are in Google, Unity biotechnology and capital vehicles. In the different capacities he has held as business founders, many have praised him for being an excellent leader especially in communication strategies.

Bezos significant change associated with him is Amazon. Notably, he formulated the business plan on his road trip from New York to Seattle and having started the company from his garage he was capable of transforming it to a multinational corporation within a timeframe of fewer than ten years. The company began as an online bookstore but later expanded to other products. Bezos has predominantly projected a character of innovation. His ability to incorporate internet and business is impressive. He is capable of helping the people understand the critical link and business opportunity that are available in online shops.

Bezos thrill to innovate and experiment with different products have given him a unique opportunity to make Amazon a mega company. Moreover, he is recognized to push his boundaries and has allowed Amazon to maintain the lead as the most successful company internet retail company globally. Many people have characterized his communication techniques to best suit an innovator. Bezos is a firm believer in achieving the impossible and making them a reality. Many of the company employees are expected to perform their best. Given Bezos is an innovator he is continuously willing and ready to experiment with different ventures. Moreover, he is a discovery-driven leader. Thus capable of embracing new experiences as a unique means of interactive learning. Bezos working on his grandfathers tractor gave him his first platform to communicate to the world through his transformational mind where he did not see the world as ordinary but envisioned something great. Upon graduation when working for Fitel, he has the opportunity to communicate to the world in his development venture and later founding Amazon he successfully made it clear there are endless possibilities with access to the internet.

Some of the communication activities he engages with on daily bases is solving new and complex problems. Often he is characterized to categorize complex issues as a boost for his creative thinking and is a unique opportunity to gain access to the world around the individual. He is an inspiration to his employees as also they do not shy away from complicated ventures, in place of recognizing the possible failures with undertaking a risky investment they have been trained to focus on the process, the experimentation process which is known as the ultimate what to transform a complex problem into a reality. Bezos also mentors his employees by allowing them to enter into competitive ventures on how to best sell the company products and solve problems, the best teams with brilliant ideas projects are implemented.

Bezos is a firm believer in the essential two-pizza team rule which indicates teams need not be more significant than what two pizzas can feed. Throughout his leadership he has maintained small teams as they are easier to communicate to, the ability to encourage high autonomy and innovation is very high. Moreover, Bezos illustrates as the teams get bigger the communication gets terrible. Furthermore, he identified with largest teams there is the danger of members getting overconfident, and the teams start scaling fallacy. Additionally, by small teams, he can take a keen interest in exceptional individuals. Bezos communication abilities have enabled him to command the online retail market successfully. He does not give up any information unless it is necessary, when communicating to the investors he makes an offer they cannot refuse, he ensures the teams are small enough for different tasks, he is adversarial and does not talk too much, he only communicates when necessary.

Analysis of Bezos has given me a new insight of leadership communication. For the employees to execute the desired responsibilities, there is the need for the leader to talk about what they have in mind. The leaders need to make their vision clear and be an active participant in its accomplishment. Bezos is an innovator. Thus he experiments on different ventures and has ensured all the employees can understand there are endless possibilities available for every innovator. Therefore, Bezos portrays an excellent example of leadership communication as he organizes his teams to small numbers to ensure there is proper communication and it is made possible to keep track of what is happening in the small teams. Thus based on Bezos leadership analysis, leadership communication starts with the leaders intended communication vision. The ability of the leader to relay the information to the teams gives them an upper hand to carry out their assignments without much struggle efficiently.

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