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Racial profiling is all about the law enforcement targeting specific groups of individuals based personal characteristics rather than their behavior. Racial profiling, in general, it is used to comprise more than the race of a person. In such terms, racial profiling consists of religion, national origin, ethnicity, and race. In that case, the features the law enforcement does use to determine who to subject, question, detain or stop to police activities which is so much discriminative. On the other hand, a social problem is a state in which some community individuals are viewed as being as undesirable. Every person might agree with some social issues like DWI traffic deaths and murders. In such terms, the social issue may be referred to those social conditions that damage or disrupt the society such as racism, and crime (Hoefer 2016, pp.64). In that regard, racism being one of the social problems it has five dominant types of violence that are usually waged against indigenous, brown, and black Americans such as environmental, economic, legal, political, and physical abuse. Therefore, this topic will entirely cover the one social problem of associated with Police brutality which is racism and its solutions.

Environmental Violence

In connection to that, the environmental violence being one of the types of racism it was perpetrated by the polluting industries. Every day assault on the environment and health of people of color was experienced disproportionately. The toughest hit by water and air pollution from lead contamination and chemical waste from old paints and pipes, incinerators, power plants, and industrial factories was experienced to the Communities of color always. Not only that, they lacked access to areas of leisure, gardens, and parks. Environmental inequality was growing rapidly in the U. S. like the income inequality. On the other hand, the number of black children who were being poisoned by lead was higher as compared to white children. Local individuals are disproportionately impacted by the dangerous materials dumped, and destructive mining practices are done on their lands (Merchant 2012, pp.353). For the poor color, communities experienced a difficult time of recovering, surviving, and escaping from disasters of climate-related. It was so much clear that the individuals of color had no peace whenever they were whether it is where they play, live, and work they experience a different exposure to hazardous environments. For instance, worldwide the revenues of corporate contaminators were considered most unlike the community health. Due to such pollutions, many of the African-American kids had asthma, and this is because the individuals of color inhaled 46% air which is not pure that caused heart conditions and respiratory diseases.

People of color always experienced environmental violence which was inflicted on them and the deprivation of citizenship rights especially the new immigrants and migrant workers. Also, the Latino immigrants of Low-income were more likely expected to stay in places which have more of air pollution hazards than the whites whereas the likelihood of a Latino neighborhood immigrant residing in a toxic free. In that case, the African-Americans and Latinos were to work in delicate jobs which placed their lives at higher risks of severe occupational muscular-skeletal disorders, injuries, and diseases. The death rate was high among the Latino workers as compared to US workers. Due to fear, the Latinos were more fearful to lay allegations about poor working environments they are in because they were afraid of being fired or deported. Also, the Mexican refugee labors also died marvelously which made the situation to be worse and unacceptable which needed to be addressed urgently (Smith, Brad, and Malcolm Holmes, 2014 pp. 83-104). In that case, these injustices were largely the result of institutional racism and political marginalization. Meaning the fewer political influence the people of the color community have, the high likelihood of human health and insidious environmental threats they experience. A nation needs to take the priority and addresses the terrible toll of the environmental injustices which was imposed on these color communities because it is a fundamental right of a citizen to have a healthy and clean environment. And to deprive individual such rights, it is an environmental discrimination which cannot be tolerated any longer.

Solution to Environmental Violence

To address such environmental crimes safe product designs that ended the use of toxic chemicals and pollution, renewable energy systems, and cleaner manufacturing processes were promoted. As a result, the color people were provided with other economic benefits and secure jobs. The climate change was mitigated and focused on building resilience for minority communities and low-income earners. States always need to report and evaluate progress made on addressing environmental and climate injustices. In connection to that, to issue a permit for a polluting facility the environmental analysis must be done first to consider the increasing and disparate environmental burden to be tolerated by a community. In such terms, to provide targeted action towards the greatest needs, the Federal agencies must implement and develop clear, strategic plans to achieve environmental and climate justice. Unequal exposure of people of color to harmful toxins, pesticides, and chemicals both in workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, and homes were stopped (Pellow, & David,2016, pp.1-16) Also the faulty assumptions managing, assessing, and calculating risks and exclusionary policies, land-use practices, and discriminatory zoning were challenged. In communities of color, the inadequate environmental cleanup of Superfund hazardous waste sites efforts had to be addressed. Moreover, there was an equal enforcement of the public health, civil rights, and environmental laws. Also, protection of minority and low-income communities was ensured who were affected most by the impacts of climate change; on the process, the energy-sector workers as they moved into clean jobs and energy were also protected.

Economic Violence

In conjunction to that, economic violence is another type of racial injustices which is being portrayed to some of the Americans. In that regard, other Americans have the honey of equality and milk of prosperity, human dignity, and freedom while others are suffering from the daily ugliness where hope has been turned to be the fatigue of despair. The primary reason why there is economic violence is structural where individualism was rugged for the poor while the socialism was for the wealthy. It is wise to address the issue of societal racism, and the rampant economic inequality, the existence of institutional and structural racism and attack the grotesque level of wealth and income inequality which is making the minority communities to be poorer while the rich to become richer. Despite the physical violence faced by too many individuals in a country, there is also need to look at the economic side where the majority of the people suffered. In such terms, Communities of color faced the economic deprivation violence; meaning regardless of the will to get ahead and hard work many of the Americans struggled their entire lives to survive the economic treadmill.

In consideration of race, there were more problems as the adults have no idea how they will ever retire in dignity as they have no retirement benefits. Focusing some years back many Americans lost the ability to send their kids to college, life savings, homes, and their jobs and this is as a result of economic violence (Sharp 2013, pp86). In such terms, regardless of the education level most of the Latino and blacks the unemployment standards for them was so high as compared to the white. Moreover, women were paid cents and youths had no employment. Due to those economic violence problems, it led to the American people stood up and claimed for a new deal which is somehow fair. They wanted the America with policies and laws that reward the hard work with economic mobility indeed. Moreover, an America that affords the financial security to all of its citizens.

The Solution to Economic Violence

The federal legislation had to be passed to ensure pay equity for women, to address such economic issues by making sure that the closed down factories as a result of bad trade deal should be rebuild, and the trade policies to be rewritten to curb economic violence. Ensure that working families are accessing quality and affordable childcare, especially for parents who do not work the regular hours. In such terms, policies had to be promoted to the formerly incarcerated education opportunity which includes reentry programs and expand the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program. Employers had to be prevented from discriminating applicants by banning the box based on criminal history. A country should invest some amount of money for the Americans to work on infrastructure needs, drinking water systems, airports, public transportation systems, bridges, roads and crumbling cities. In that regard, the minimum wage for both the African-Americans and Latinos should be increased. Moreover, all children are supposed to be given equal opportunities in education regardless of income or race.

Legal Violence

Legitimate violence is another type of racial injustices that the people of color suffered from a part from environmental and economic injustices. Lives of millions of individuals being destroyed because they are in jail for committing nonviolent crimes. Many young Americans were stigmatized over a criminal record of smoking marijuana; however, not even one Wall Street executive had been prosecuted for being a cause of the entire economy collapsing. In that case, the Latinos and the African American are the ones being regularly imprisoned, unlike the white people who were an unspeakable tragedy for the people of color. All over America prisons have been privatized for profit prison racket and many Americans have been kept behind bars which are not morally upright. The number of people gets locked up should not be the measure of law enforcements success instead they should invest in mental and medical health, in drug courts interventions for individuals who are addicted to substance abuse to be treated instead of ending up in prison.

Solution to Legal Violence

The departments of police need to investigate all allegations laid against the wrongdoers and particularly those involved participate in prosecuting aggressively and using force (Gabor, 2016, pp.338). In such terms, the Department of Justice advised to step in and handle such matters in case departments are unable or unwilling to conduct those investigations. Invest in mental and medical health, in drug courts interventions for people who are addicted to substance abuse to be treated instead of ending up in prison.

Moreover, the communities of color other types of racial injustices like political and legal violence. In political violence Communities of color faced a major challenge as they had no right to vote, those who are allowed to vote can take up to 7 hours before they are allowed to vote, and some African American end up losing their right to vote because of felony convictions. Ensure that there is no discrimination in voting because every individual has a right to cast a vote. Poll workers and polling places should be sufficient to prevent long lines. Therefore, policies should be pursued to transform a country to a nation that recognizes the value of its people of color.

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