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Published: 2021-08-15
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It has occurred that the residents of America have reached a point where they no longer regard external factors about other people. People in this country have shown to judge people with their characteristics without putting into consideration the external factors that these people are subjected to. The two characters in this play Bethany and Carla have proved the truth of this statement as they both judge others from their roles. These two characters have shown how discrimination is practiced. This form of discrimination is mainly based on some aspects of race, gender, and national origin.

Janel expresses this when she ignores a guy who tries to propose to her due to his character. The two actors provide the answer to this particular question as they express their dissatisfaction. These two characters are just a representation of the whole American population. The American people have recorded to perpetuate discrimination especially when it comes to race. The act of judging people from their external traits should come to an end as it demoralizes individuals whose potential and capabilities are judged basing on external factors like race and nationality.

The issue of what factors to consider when choosing a permanent life partner has been a subject of discussion over a very long time. This problem can only be determined from an individual perspective depending on what one considers pleasing to someone. However American citizens should not use appearance, money and social status to choose their life partners. These factors are very insignificant, and one should wish to consider other factors that are insignificant to an individual. Such factors include personality and age difference. Personality is the primary factor that most American teens should take into consideration when selecting permanent life partners. The issue of choosing a life partner is a significant decision in one's life which should be carried out with much using relevant determinants.

This issue is brought out in the play by the character Bethany who refuses a marriage proposal on bases of social appearance. Janel is just a single person representing the whole of America. Bethany expresses how most Americans fail when selecting life partners. The wrong choice is made as a result of using insignificant factors like money and appearance. Appearance and wealth are just external factors which cannot be compared to internal factors like personality.

It has occurred that there is a lot of pressure on how people should appear. This is shown in this play as the characters are brought out being intellectually satisfied and in the procession of unique gifts but still unsatisfied with whom they are. These two characters are not happy with who they are due to the external pressure which requires them to elevate their status. This pressure exerted on them by the society is just an expression of how most American citizens operate under external pressure. The external force used on most American citizens requires them to obtain high paying jobs and thus elevate their social status.

The need to satisfy this pressure has made it necessary for some individuals to sacrifice their happiness. Sacrificing ones happiness is quite costly as acquiring better paying job and elevating one's social status are not priorities. The personal and social cost of satisfying this external pressure has been encompassed in the play by having both characters wishing they had different looks. This external force has led to people being less productive and should be avoided entirely.

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