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Published: 2021-08-04
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Madam Jamal has been staying in the state of Germany ever since her husband died after their divorce in 1997. She had inherited her husbands billion-dollar mansion in the Frankfurt province. She neither has a son nor a daughter, having lost the whole family in the dreadful accident that occurred in Berlin mid-1996. She had been married to the German businessman who met her in India while in a business conference. They lived a boom good life for the fifteen years that they were married. The children were good for both the sides, Germany and India. Despite the rumors that Jamal had concerning Germans hatred for the Indians, she spent her time doing her jobs and trying to make as many pals as possible with the Germans. Her husband had trained her on how to stay positive life before his death. She, therefore, lived well even though very lonely at times she remembered the monster driver who drove the gigantic truck over her family.

She, however, started having some issues with her husbands brothers who claimed that she had plotted for the death of her brother. One morning, a man came through her gait and moved straight to her. She wasnt at ease at all but what could she do? The young slim rudely looking guy ordered her to have a seat, Sit down you bitch! She got herself a seat, and the guy began speaking to her. After the obviously unpleasant conversation, the guy concluded by telling her, and get to where you belong.. she was now beginning to understand the racism that she had read in books about the country. She always swore to herself, I will always have what is rightfully mine. She reported the issue to her husbands, but all were too deaf ears as they were also for the idea that she goes back to her fathers land in India. Similar attack attempts started becoming a tendency to the extent that she began living in fear for her dear life. She at one point even received abusive letters ordering her to leave the country as soon as she could if she loved her life. She started becoming torn apart as she had a decision to make. Leaving the [lace would be the wrongest decision to make. Continuing to stay was also a risk to her own life. The best move she could make was get security to guard her compound, but still, she could not trust a German following the near past experiences. She was already developing fatty ridges on her face because of the consistency threats and depressions.

One morning, she decided to create a scene at one of her brothers in law as an effort to get a solution to her issues. What do you think I should do? You are so cold-hearted! Dont you value me in this family, yes you dont, not even your brother! Today Im going to let everyone here know what you are! Her high pitched voice could be heard from a distance. She sounded like she would course an earthquake in her brothers world the next minute. The brother in law on the other side was speaking a honeyed voice, trying to slow down her frustrations. Her brother was obviously avoiding being aired out as a very uncaring person. She realized that her brother in law was under no obligation to help her get back to her feet. She one day decided to go and report the matter to the police. At the station, she faced real task in having her statement whiten in her file. She was told to wait on the bench outside the OCSs office. She sat for over two hours, Germans with case getting served as soon as they get to the station. In fact, one of the policemen more than discouraged her. Hello, mum? The officer in charge of registering your case isnt around. Come tomorrow and check if he will be back were it not for her stamina at the station; she would not have stated her case.

She made close follow up of her case to ensure that it was updated. She even went to the doctor to get a document that could support that she was developing stress-related illnesses because of the constant depression she had. Jamal used the doctors report document showing her health status to convince the officers to file the case for her. The next and most decisive part was the verdict that was to be given by the judge based on the court hearing. Jamal had to walk to court for a thousand and one times for the date of hearing to be scheduled officially. Meanwhile, Jamal had recorded all the threats that were orally issued to her and safely saved and the recordings to use to get the chance to get back to her normal lifestyle. The young man who had issued threats to Jamal was right on the opposite side with Jamal. Jamals turn to present the evidence against the boy finally arrived. Mrs. Jamal, kindly tell the court about your issue the judge started. What rights belonging to you were violated? Jamal explained the whole story to the court. The young man surprisingly did not have anything to use to defend himself against the accusations. Time for the verdict finally came. The judge, a white-haired, light skinned, tall, slender read the evidence as provided to him and then said, I do not find any guilt with this young man. He only spoke the truth to Mrs. Jamal, for she does not belong to this nation by birth any petition objecting the ruling be filled within the hour. Thank you Jamal had no otherwise but to accept the ruling. She made up her mind considering how it would be shameful on her side if she went back to her fathers land. One morning, Jamal was found dead in her house. The postmortem that was carried out by doctors were evidence enough that Mrs. Jamal had struggled to death. The recordings by the CCTV had the image of the person who committed the crime. No action was taken against the murderer.

Jamal was denied justice by her monster brother who wrongly accused her of plotting the death of her family. The brother in law was also unjust by failing to look into the matter with Jamal. At the police station, the heartless racist policemen try to bar Jamal from seeking justice by using the court. The judge dismisses the case filled by Jamal against the gentleman who threatened Jamal is making things even more difficult for her. There is no case filed against the murderer despite the hard evidence that was available and could be used to through him behind bars. All these injustices against Jamal are as a result of the fact that she is an Indian.


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