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Published: 2021-08-10
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An education system is only composed of public institutions. In general, an education system is formed all the things that contribute to an efficient operation of an open facility. The Education system in the United States has been considered among the best in the world where learners take twelve years. One of the factors that have made the US to excel in education comes from the substantial government investment in education.

On the other hand, the public schools in the United States face a lot of challenges. For instance, their education system is expensive being a challenge to the poor Americans. Many of the learners later struggle to get their way into universities and colleges. (Hughes, 1965.) To some extent, a good number of families have sacrificed all they have to accomplish the learning of their children. Similarly, the struggle of the American parents has heavily cost their families where some have stripped apart.

However, this has made the poor class to opt to learn in schools of low standards which has interfered with their job market. The politicians have intentionally ignored discussing the same issue. Consequently, this has affected United States professionalism in a relevant career of study. Sad enough, when the government allocates funds, it does not consider more allocation of resources to the public institutions.

While in school, students have excelled in the complex subjects like sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Later on, in future, they opt to sign on other businesses far much different from their area of specialization. It comes from the flooding of the job market where individuals have acquired the jobs. Education in the US broadens the minds of learners in that even after changing their occupations; it still allows them to think and become innovative critically.

The United States education has standardized exams where learners are motivated to work harder. As a result to this, the population in the public institutions have similarly increased. Due to the high education levels in the socio-economic standards has dramatically declined. A reason to this comes from the competition it faces from the global job market. (Buckingham, 1987.)

Also, when a failure is seen in an education system, all the blame is directed to the teachers. The society does not focus on the individual weakness of the learner or even the learning conditions. When learning goes on, every student gets an equal opportunity to learning where the parents demand the best. Regarding getting income, self-employment has taken over as people struggle to support themselves due to the inequalities.

Despite the excellent education standard in the United States, learners strain after school in their job environment to pay back the financial aid they were accorded while in college. In the long run, it affects the period that an individual could take invest or instead meet his/her needs efficiently. Also, education system predictably depends on the status of the parents income which determines the kind of education their children get. In cases where a parent invests more in their childrens education, the probability of that child living a better life is high.

As discussed above, the education system of the United States has dramatically impacted the countrys socio-economic status. Compared to other countries systems, the system in the United States has acted as a bridge to the success of many lives. Due to these, many people have become self-dependent on tackling and identifying opportunities favorably. The irony in the education system in the United States comes from the expectations which the society has in general in addition to the problems they encountered.

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