Introduction Example on Cultural Diversity

Published: 2021-08-17
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The topic of my social studies lesson is based on cultural diversity. During the class lesion, I will emphasize to all my students to amply NCSS III to enable them explain cultural diversity using different ways while maintaining the same meaning. My objective of the lesson is to enable the students have better understanding of cultural diversity within a society. In my first lesson, we will discuss the importance of preserving culture. During the lesson, learners will be required to mention the culture that is highly observed back in their communities and what it symbolizes. During the lesson students will define various terms used in addressing cultural diversity, identifying the different cultures practiced by the people around the school, and the origins of the culture.

The second lesson, there will be deliberation on different cultural practice. It will be done by asking students to share their experience with people from different culture background. This lesson will go further to explain the major differences and similarities between the different cultural practices. The meaning of the practices and their significance of the people who practice them is also part of the deliberation lesson. Students will be divided into groups and have walk around the school to interact with the communities members leaving in those areas. Interacting with the members of the society will enable the students to learn more on the cultural activities such as drinking habit. The student are expected to .learn when and individual is allowed to start drinking as stipulated cultural laws in the community. Students are expected to learn the cultural activities that the community has preserved for a long period of time and those that are no longer observed. The learners will be expected to learn on religion, dressing code and preferred drinks. The students are expected to learn of such people.

The last lesson student will be on different cultural diversity. I will request the student to share what they learnt during their interaction with the community members leaving around the school. Sharing the information about the culture of different people leaving around the school enables community students to understand the important of having different culture in the world. I will evaluate their understanding of the topic by randomly asking questions. After satisfying that they have understood the topic, I will open the floor for them to ask the questions.

Useful information that will be used includes the walk to the community members surrounding the school whereby students will be required to make short notes on what they have learnt. The second source will be visiting a Museum. The preferred Museum is the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It offers a lot of information on cultural diversity especially between the Americans and the Africans. Another resource is the Teachers vision website. The final resource will be on the book titled Americas Banquet of Cultures: Harnessing Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration in the Twenty-First Century by Ronald Fernandez.

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