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Published: 2021-07-19
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Explain how ICAO standards are incorporated into either airport related operations, design, operation, management or planning concept.

The organization that is the international civil aviation organization is an extraordinary body or agency which was formed through the act of the united nation.

Luongo (2016) argued that ICAO is the most public body agency which creates the techniques together with the principles and also techniques of the international air navigation and speed up the planning and the development of the international airport.

The ICAO standards are therefore incorporated in the field of an airport in various ways which include:

According to Luongo (2016), in the line of the operation process, the international civil aviation organization has created such bodies like the accident investigation group which has the chief of any related or possible accident related research.

Leib and Lu (2013) also emphasizes that the civil aviation is one of the major international industries as far as the global operation is the concern such as the transportation, trade, and commerce. Therefore with the annual increases in the number of passengers and the growth in the cargo rate there comes a need of a more sophisticated system. Leib and Lu (2013) continues to argue that The ICAO system and the standards, therefore, put it clear that they should continuously be involved in the alignment and at e same time movement of the traffic to enhance good transportation system both locally and globally. This is one of the main roles of ICAO.

T he airport planning and also the design solution about the ICAO standards solution always varies in various dimension. This is about how the in a cooperating feasibility study and at the same time site selection studies are concerned. Others include such studies like the airside and the land side geometric studies planning, master planning, the terminal design and also the detailed construction design.

The ICAO standards as far as the planning concept of the organization is concerned are related to the following activities of the organization.

The organization has a fatigue risk management system. In this, the body emphasizes on the hazard management and control system. It states that the operator should, by all reason maintain and manage the fundamental of the documented processes for the fatigue risk identification.

The required state of the operator shall be to establish and implement regulation for the primary purpose of managing fatigue as this would be a significant thing to the general airport management.

Leib and Lu (2013) again added that the international civil aviation organization also has another management body known as the standard and recommended practices. The standard and recommended and suggested methods were mainly intended to assist the state in general in managing aviation risk about their service provider. The main function of the program was divided into three main areas. The integration of the state safety oversight and also the system critical element and the state safety program provisions.Another issue is to support the enhancement of the safety management system and also to support consistent implementation of various rules and administrative regulations.

And lastly, the international civil aviation; the organization also come with a policy known as protection of safety data, safety information, and related sources. This was to ensure proper security of the organization or even the individual airport team so that security of valuable information can be maintained.



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