How to Find Happiness on Social Networks - Paper Example

Published: 2021-08-18
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The article is likely to provide information on various means that one can acquire happiness. The theme is likely to the role that social networks play for ones happiness. I expect a paragraph or two that explains the mistakes that people do and hurt relationships and how to avoid them.

The three words whose meaning is clarified by the context. The question; 'what do these beasts feed on that they are so filled with bread?' The use of beast and bread means birds and their meat. In other context the words might mean different things. However, the use of the words while on a dining table and people are eating a turkey clarifies that the speaker is asking about the bird and not any other animal. Self-improvement hokum- the word hokum means false information given with the aim of eliciting interest. I related this meaning because of the use of just in the statement which implied that what the author was talking about was a meaningless component to self-improvement.

The implied theme is that gratitude is a virtue everyone should practice on a daily basis. According to the author, he argues that even during Thanksgiving it is epically advisable to give thanks when you are not feeling grateful. He disregards the concept of emotional authenticity and support is disregard with several scientific pieces of evidence. It is true that research agrees to focus on positive emotions (in this case gratitude) provokes the mind to experience positive emotions. The author also disputes emotional authenticity arguing that expressing gratitude is the effective way to make people around you happy and receptive. He argues that when one encounters an angry and irritable person, they express gratitude if the person shares gratitude with them first. Also, his analogy of the experience he had with a hostile email and his response supports this idea.

In a personal response, I feel that being grateful towards yourself, people and the environment, in general, is crucial. I would argue that thanksgiving is the period of the year in which the world is more sociable, happier and friendly. The tradition of thanksgiving has been engrained in our minds that everyone feels obliged to be grateful during this period. As a result, like an author is arguing, we end up sharing happier moments even if we start thanksgiving feeling enthusiastic.

The article advocates for expression of gratitude. The author insists that we can never lack something to be grateful for. We should cultivate the habit of being thankful even for the most obvious things like fresh air, tradition and the chance of waking up every day.

The article is connected to earlier courses taken in class. The concept of gratitude and thanksgiving relates to courses like human relations. The information obtained here helps in creating and maintaining better relations with the other people. In general, the focus that we should be happy for everything in our lives is transformational. For instance, the choice by the author to maintain positivity in handling the hostile email is impressive. The email responses became more positive and nice in future responses. It is a life worth lesson that it doesnt matter how worse the situation or person might appear, there is always a positive perspective, and everyone should feel challenged to opt for positivity.

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