History Essay on United States in World War I

Published: 2021-08-11
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World war one also known as First world war started in the year 1914 in July and ended in the year 1918 month of November. It is said to be the greatest war that would end all wars. The war had originated from Europe and lasted for four years. Its causes being the assassination of Archduke, imperialism, increased militarism in the involved countries, mutual defense alliances and war that originated from nationalism whereby people from Slavia in Bosnia and Herzegovina never wanted to be part of Australia Hungary and instead wanted to be part of Serbia.

To what extent did the united states practice neutrality before its entry into world war 1

The united states had not participated in world war 1 for the first three years till they decided to join the war In July 1917, all along the United States played calm and neutral. They avoided the war due to their long-running theme for foreign policies; they never wanted to be in an alliance with any country which eventually led to their involvement. Historian Ronald asserted that avoiding such partnerships was paramount and that the US should not concern itself with affairs of countries afar.

The united states tried to play as a mediator to stop the war, but all along its pleas went to dust. The president then Mr. Wilson was a dedicated progressive internationalist at that time of war. Wilson was dedicated to promoting peace resulting to his assertion of isolating policies. For him to preserve the ideals of opposition to the war by maintaining peace, he decided to be a mediator. Regardless of the American ideology of an association of peaceful nations by way of dissemination and international friendship the war raged and as a result increased the loss of life.

Wilson proposed the end of the war without a victor. However, Germany rejected this. He was for the idea peace without victory.' This rejection to peace is illustrated by the sinking of a further three American ship. Wilson had to meet the Germany forces in an attempt to prevent them from making further unjustified killings. According to Thomas Knocks description of the impact of internationalism on Wilsons perspective on war. With increasing loss of life and the determined belligerence of the German soldiers, all progressive internationalists accepted that the United States involvement was inevitable.

President Wilson finally made an address to a joint session declaring war against Germany. The United States decides to drop its position of being neutral and entered the war. It was inevitable that the US could continue seeing the war from an unbiased perspective.

How the stock market crash did not cause the Great Depression, it only triggered it

It is certain that the US timing regarding entering world war 1s effort was affected significantly by its economic profitability. In the year 1918, there were twenty-one thousand new American millionaires that had been created by the US taking Advantage of the need for both sides of the war effort to purchase war equipment and other materials. As a result, the united states used the first world war to stabilize and grow its economy before allowing themselves to become entangled in an alliance with any single side. The united states capitalized on the opportunity they had by selling the military equipment and as a result triggered its economy

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