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Published: 2021-07-12
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I am of the notion that a reflection paper enables one analyze and establish how much gain or loss one has achieved through conducting a certain practice. The purpose of reflection is to develop a better understanding of a given situation or activity before, during or after indulging into that activity or situation (Fragkos, 2016). In the following reflection, the extent to which the goals were met; the overall experience; need for additional resources; and the need for a navigator will be addressed as related to my readmission reduction practicum plan.


My project was successful in accomplishing the stipulated goals. Specifically, the project enabled the creation of a readmission reduction practicum plan portfolio for which a plan to the projects implementation was successfully developed. Through a Root Cause Analysis of readmission cases I was able to determine that financial, staff and patient requirements are the major gaps that affect the implementation and success of a readmission reduction project. To add on that, I successfully evaluated the cost-benefit ratio resulting from the project and established a logical timeline over which the 20% reduction of readmissions project would be achieved.

Nature of experience

My general experience with the project was positive in that I got to expand on my knowledge on matters to do with readmission reduction within the medical sector. In addition to building on my knowledge, I was able to apply various research techniques where I was able to source helpful information from an array of secondary sources which added credibility to the project. I was also able to put to practice some of the techniques that I have learnt so far including determination of the cost-benefit ratio, an important factor in determining the viability of any proposed project before it can be implemented in any given facility. Finally, I was able to critically interrelate the gaps and the available resources in an institution such that I developed a conclusive and detailed process map to address the implementation of the readmission reduction process by 20%.

Additional resources

Even though the project was successfully, it would have been more credible if it involved a practical implementation of the proposed initiatives. For instance, it would have been better if real life institutions, which have already attempted and enacted similar implementations, were incorporated within the study. Such real life sources would have offered better grounds and data for the generalization and evaluation of the proposed project. In other words, the project paper would have been more feasible if it entailed used of already implemented and assessed projects whether they were in progress or already achieved.

Need for a navigator

I would utilize a navigator in my research. The reason behind this is that a navigator helps define and outline the research steps that a researcher should take so as to help conduct the project within a specific time limit. In this case, the navigator would help define the specific start time and end time for the project whereby the time period would be specifically set for attaining every objective effectively (Mariana, 2017). In addition to the time period, the navigator would enable set specific events that would be attained within a specific time thus help with keeping track of the research project without spending excessive time and resources in the least important events.


It would be a great pleasure seeing the proposed readmission reduction project being implemented and achieved. Working on such a project in the real sense would be a rewarding experience. The project would help improve the processes and to some extent the leadership management of my organization which makes me anticipate to contributing to my organization even more.




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