God of Carnage: Critical Analysis of the Play

Published: 2021-08-02
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What was stimulating, surprising, evocative, memorable, touching, challenging, compelling, delightful, different, unique, and meaningful for you? Why?

The play GOD OF CARNAGE has many instances that make it arouse mixed reactions such as unique, memorable, and challenging and much more. These extraordinary moments in the performance show conflict and the human nature when presented with it which are the predominant themes in the play GOD OF CARNAGE by Yasmina Reza. The play is well-written to display the fascinating nature and development of characters. While watching the performance, I felt that this play gave me an opportunity to witness the verbal battles and conflicts of the two families and their complex personalities. The most memorable, notable and most important incident that is the pillar of the play is when Ferdinand strikes Bruno hence knocking out the two front teeth. It is however surprising when the two parents of each family meet and begin to yell at each other instead of holding a civil discussion to resolve the issue brought about by their children. The elements that make the play enjoyable, exciting and delightful include the use of realistic dialogues, the characters fit into their roles hence are believable, the insightful satire and the subtle and vague ending that captures the thinking and speculations of the audience.

Did you see any parallels in the performances of anything we have read or discussed?

The performance of this play shows many parallelisms to the discussions that we have had in class on the theatre performance. The performance similarities that are found in the play GOD OF CARNAGE that we have discussed include the theatre of bickering, the setting, unique characters that fit into their roles, and an exciting way of developing the theme through conflict introduction and maintaining it to the end.

As discussed in class, the theatre of bickering is an essential tool in the performance of the play. Although it is common knowledge that most humans are not fans of angry, ugly and pointless arguments in the real world, it is surprising to note that these types of discussions are a theater staple as seen in the GOD OF CARNAGE performance as it is as a result of good reason. The performance in this play has a stationary nature of the stage generates sedentary physical conflict which can be sustained in a single setting. The setting of a theatre performance is an essential component of any production as discussed in class. The GOD OF CARNAGE setting of the entire play takes place at the home of the Houllie family. According to our discussion in class, the development of characters is very vital for a performance. Yasmina Reza develops each character with a very sprinkling of the excellent characteristics as well as moral codes.

Are there specific choices that were made by the artistic team (designers, director, performers, etc.) that you disagree with? Why?

The choices of most of the artistic team have made fantastic decisions that are right according to my opinion. However, I slightly disagree with the designers in the selection of clothes. Most of the clothes that the characters are made to wear are only aimed at evoking the period of this play. However, the designers were supposed to choose costumes that do define not only place and time but also say something about the characters. The costumes should help us understand who the characters are, where they are coming from and their status as well as the sense of self.

What emotions did you experience while acting as an audience member? Why? What prompted these emotions?

The emotions that I experience while acting as an audience member in the GOD OF CARNAGE are surprise, sadness, and anger. These emotions were prompted by the fact that the two families meet and begin to yell at each other instead of holding a civil discussion to resolve the issue brought about by their children when Ferdinand strikes Bruno hence knocking out the two front teeth.

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