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Published: 2021-08-15
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Firms use five tools of promotional mix to engage their customers. They do that in the hope that at the end, it will lead to business conversions. The promotional mix tools are almost applicable to any company, and practically every region globally experiences such kind of engagements. In this case, we look at various promotional tools used on Des Moines IA, analyzing the reasons behind the decision to use the option, and the effectiveness of the promotional tools.

On the main highway leading to Des Moines, there is a billboard portraying Nike Shoes. That is a form of advertising. Since I use Nike products and likely to purchase them again, I consider myself part of the target audience. It is a way of raising awareness for the Nike products in the city. Every person accessing the town using the highway sees the advert, meaning it reaches the mass market. Given the city is a host of retailers selling the products; the promotional tool is very effective. Entertainment companies are in a rush to sell the Christmas tickets. I am already a member of the Imax Des Moines who has been running a sales promotion over the past few weeks. The purpose is to sale all Christmas period tickets. They had a $5 discount rate just to encourage people to make more ticket purchases. The discount applies when one purchases more than one ticket. The strategy is effective since we are heading into a festive season and people are looking for entertainment activities in the period. I have made three trips to the Best Buy West Des Moines branch this week, and I was somehow happy about the personal attention I received from the team in the store. In one instance I was helping a friend purchase a new phone. The team just showed us the hones on offer, and even recommended the best based on the budget. That is a robust method to convince people to purchase a product, will likely enhance a personal relationship between the customer and the sellers.

Businesses engage in public relation to build a good corporate image. One of the teams I support, Des Moines Roosters is sponsored by the Royal Mile, one of the entertainment joints in downtown Des Moines. We usually grow up being discouraged from indulging in alcohol, drugs, and others similar things. These firms which sell items which have no positive social recognition always engage in activities just to demonstrate that their responsibilities are not just about profits. The target is not specified, but it is for people like us who want to see these firms contribute positively to the society, other than just sell alcohol and support other issues which may not always be good for the overall well-being of the society. It is hard to measure the effectiveness of these promotional campaigns which tend to promote the corporate image of companies, but I would say Royal Mile long history of sponsoring sports in the City gives the company a very positive reception in the eyes of the public. I am active on social media, and for that reason, I follow several groups, businesses, celebrities, etc. Just today I came across an advert for that there will be a music concert in Des Moines, IA. I noted that the advert had been on for some time, and would have been helpful had I seen it earlier. I love the music played by the White Chapel band group. Looking at their wall, the engagement was successful, and several people got the message. I would label it effective, even though it did not reach me in time.


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