First Coast Supply: Corporate Culture as a Whole and How It Can Improve

Published: 2021-07-14
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Organizational culture defined as the acceptable code of behavior that individuals are expected to do in an organization. Research has proved that the results can be magnificent is the executive management enshrines, rewards and encourages the development of the right behaviors (OReilly III, Caldwell, Chatman, & Doerr, 2014). Organization cultures differ between companies. However, it is vital to understand that a healthy culture derived from following a given set of principles and policies that are put in place by the company and moderated to produce the desired results (OReilly III, Caldwell, Chatman, & Doerr, 2014). First Coast Supply is one of the leading full-service sources for the appliance, kitchen, bath cabinetry, and custom granite/quartz counter tops in North Florida (Atwood, 2014). The motivation for exploration of the particular company culture is to have a better understanding of the importance of corporate culture for an organization? Determine how the organization culture affect the overall business performance especially on the employee's output? Determine how the overall company culture can be improved to ensure there are maximum benefits derived? How can the company use the organizational culture to ensure they achieve competitive advantage edge among its competitors? Therefore, with the noted questions seeking to be attended to in the research paper, it is evident that one of the critical ways to ensure business growth is through corporate culture.

Current First Coast Supply corporate culture

First Coast Supply corporate culture has notably influenced the perception of the company brand, employees satisfaction, and the customers perception. First Coast Supply Company embraces the Team-first organizational culture (Atwood, 2014). In the enterprise, they are first interested in the peoples culture and attitudes they have to bring to the company, and the skills and experiences come second. This culture has allowed the employees to derive more joy in their work given it is a service-focused company their top priority is the customers who often the employees are willing to go an extra-mile to ensure their satisfaction through their exceptional creativity (Atwood, 2014).

Growing First Coast Supply through improvement of corporate cultureOne of the great identified ways to grow the company business is by paying close attention to the atmosphere of the enterprise. Moreover, from an open market perception, organizational culture can be identified as an important environmental condition that affects the system and the company subsystems (OReilly III, Caldwell, Chatman, & Doerr, 2014). The increment in competition, globalization, mergers, acquisitions, alliances have further emphasized the importance of organizational culture. The first way to improve corporate culture is focusing on the human side of the organization life. This achieved by encouraging the employees to continually be willing to learn and improve themselves in all aspects. Second, team culture enhanced with the creation of appropriate systems that help the employees to work together and share desired outcomes (OReilly III, Caldwell, Chatman, & Doerr, 2014). The third achieved with the executive leadership understanding the impact they have on the peoples behavior as they act as the role model and the employees are likely to watch their leaders attitude and adopt. Fourth, organization culture can be encouraged with the creation of energy and momentum in the business to promote positive spirit among the employees.

Corporate culture core valuesThe company core values reflect the employees core values (Gupta, & Kumar, 2013). The relevance of company values creates the social context in which the employees work and gives the definition to the employees on how they are expected to work. First Coast Supply company values perceived as being primarily imposed by the organization, but to ensure they are effective, the company has allowed a two-way process where the employees are considered part and parcel of the employee's influence on the corporate value development. Company core values have been noted to define how the employees behave (Gupta, & Kumar, 2013). At First Coast Supply there are clear and well-defined policies on the expected workers' code of conduct and in turn has allowed the company to create a culture of respect among the staff, clients, and customers.

Employees are likely to work in a very stable and secure workplace, and with the existence of company values, the employees can have a defined approach at the workplace. First Coast Supply working environment has been able to operate smoothly with the availability of company values. Company values presented by First Coast Supply are fundamental to the company customers and this, in turn, has resulted in a significant number of loyal customers. Finally, company values provide a very stable approach in the business operation; this achieved by having a set standard of service that allows everyone who interacts with First Coast Supply Company has clear expectations based on their nature of services provided.

Impact of corporate culture on employees and their performanceOrganizational culture contributes significantly to the organization brand image and brand promise to the clients. Therefore, it determines the company capacity, longevity, and effectiveness as the energy created with the implementation of organization culture create a new momentum for the company success (Awadh & Alyahya, 2013). Upholding an appropriate and comfortable environment will enhance the company performance. Also so that the employees have an easier time to adopt into the company culture, it is crucial only to employ those who best fit in the organization aura as they demonstrate possession of appropriate job skills that work well in the environment. The goals and visions that the entire staff share have a significant impact on their performance. Therefore, it is decided to have the correct core values for the generation of desired results (Awadh, & Alyahya, 2013). Every individual needs to have an open mind of productively in the working environment. Thus, the company corporate culture ought to promote a comfortable setting for the employees to not only fit in the group atmosphere but also be willing to make the necessary compromises needed (Awadh & Alyahya, 2013).

Some of identified rules, laws and regulation that govern the state of Florida contractorsFirst, an individual needs to establish competency in the desired field which ensured by the person passing the appropriate examination approved by the relevant board as certified by the department. Second, a person needs to be supported or registered to engage in the business of contracting in the state. Third, a contractor shall sub-contract all roofing, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing and air-conditioning works unless the individual holds registration or certificate in the respective trade class (Mason, & Stephenson, 2015). Fourth, a certificate holder who desires to engage in contracting in any way shall be required uphold all taxes and pay the relevant licenses and building permits. Fifth, the license is not transferable. Finally, any contractor violating any local law on Florida state contractors shall be held in contempt (Mason, & Stephenson, 2015).

How First Coast Supply can use corporate culture to its competitive advantage Based on the evidence provided on the relevance of organization culture for First Coast Supply it supports the notion that in the already competitive and globalized corporate scenario (Strese, Adams, Flatten, & Brettel, 2016). There is a huge need for the development of organizational development strategy in all the company workforce department to improve the business organization needs (Carlos Pinho, Paula Rodrigues, & Dibb, 2014). First, Corporate culture allow the employees to be willing to work together to achieve the company vision and mission. Thus the company can have a better presentation of performance.

Second, corporate culture creates a favorable environment that allows the employees to work in a better atmosphere which results in higher performance. Third, development of corporate culture gives employees room to be on their best behavior especially to their clients and customers which translate to more loyal customers for the business. Fourth, organizational culture generates a stable environment which is easier for the employees to perform their best as they are not always worried of the uncertainties of the business. Finally, with corporate culture in place, the company leadership can explore on expansions as there is smooth running of business (Carlos Pinho, Paula Rodrigues, & Dibb, 2014). In conclusion, First Coast Supply has been explored in great depth and how the improvement of the company corporate culture can improve their performance. Moreover, with an examination of different ways to encourage organizational culture and incorporate company core values, it is crucial for the company leadership to spearhead the exemplary needed corporate culture.



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