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Published: 2021-07-02 07:57:28
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Titanic stands to be one of the most amazing films in the history, consuming a total budget of USD200 million for its production, it has received international attraction, having nominated 14 times and won 11 awards, including 1997 best picture of the year. Due to its unique attraction characterized by emotions and romance together with the soundtrack, My Heart Will go on by Celine Dion, Titanic became one of the greatest ones in the 20th century, adding that the movie is based on true story event that took place in 1912. It's a great mix of friendship, love, and greed on board destined for a disaster.

The film theme was to show the struggle for love between Rose and Jack, when Rose was seeking different routes to run away from her former lover Caledon Hockley so that she could be with Jack before their love story was interrupted by the sudden tragic of Titanic colliding with the huge iceberg and sunk on the 15th April 1912 at 2:20 in the morning. The disaster left Jack dead, while Rose together with the few of the surviving passengers survived.


The setting for the greater part of the three hours takes place in a giant ship which Rose and Jack's antics takes us through it. Some of the parts are of the party atmosphere of steerage the confining sumptuousness of first class. The Titanic carries its different characteristics of speed, size, and luxury until the moment she wrecked in the ocean after a collision with an iceberg

Symbolism Rose perceives the Titanic as the ship of the dream, this is seen through a couple of characters in the film. The Titanic was a significant move towards nautical technology, in addition to its impressive look, the ship foretold the wave of technological innovation that could possibly occur in the 20th century. Furthermore, the ship symbolized opportunity, keeping in mind that transatlantic travel was rare in 1912 as compared to today. Therefore, the opportunity to cruise from Europe to America was not easy, especially doing it in such fancy ship, it was a total adventure.

There is another symbolic view of the ship different from adventure, which is the symbol of power and might. For characters like Mr. Ismay and Cal, the Titanic ship was about showing off and luxury of ones status and power. There is a scene whereby Rose finds Mr. Ismay has the obsession with the Titanics size so off-putting such that she recommended him to go and read some Freud. However, towards the course of the film, the ship sinks, depicting the undermining of power as a symbol of opportunity and hope. Although, at the end of the film, Jack admits that he is so excited about getting into Titanic since it gave him a brief chance to meet Rose. Things got into the Romeo and Juliet level. Perhaps, the center of the Titanic is a metaphor for lifes big adventure. Nevertheless, Mr. Ismays wish to boost Titanics speed clearly led to its downfall leading to the falling down of the ship to the bottom of the sea. The Titanic historic sinking comprised of the lives if the brave and real men and women who were heroic, self-sacrificing, and noble. The sinking of the ship signals the ending of the modern era, even before it was born.

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