Film Analysis Essay on Gotcha

Published: 2021-07-12
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Gotcha is a comedy-melodrama focused on highlighting the progress of an eighteen-year-old university student who is motivated to explore his sexual life. Jonathan Moore is excited about the possibility of losing his virginity as well as starring in his real-life spying adventure. I consider this film to be a unique hybrid of teenage sex adventure/comedy and average spy movie with Jonathan Moore and Sasha Banicek playing distinct roles in the development of storyline. Gotcha movie might have been produced over three decades ago, but it still covers the issues that are relevant in the contemporary society, especially when it comes to the lifestyles of teenagers/millennials in their utopia.

The evolution of Jonathan from a nervous, nerdy and laid-back kid into an established young man caught my attention in this film. At the beginning of the movie, Jonathan is portrayed to be a naive eighteen-year-old teenager who is fantasizing on sexual experiences prompting him to think about losing his virginity. Apparently, Jonathan is quick witted in school, but his significant shortcomings are depicted in his inability to initiate romantic relationships with females. This part of the film covers the challenges that young people undergo in the society as they become sexually active. Some teenagers, with shy personalities, usually find it hard interacting with individuals of opposite sex. Overcoming such obstacles is part of the growth and development metamorphosis that need to be completed. Jonathans progress can, therefore, be a typical representation of the predicaments teenagers are facing in their endeavors. This makes me assert that Gotcha film addressed subjects that are also applicable in the future.

An aspect of parenting also arises from Gotcha film. Ensuring that children grow into responsible adults with admirable character remain to be the focus of every parent. It is imperative for a parent to understand the relationships that his/her child is involved. Jonathan takes a trip to Paris where he meets a seductive woman; Sasha Banicek. It is later revealed that Sasha Banicek is a spy making Jonathan be at loggerheads with East German Police as well as Russian spymasters, which risks their lives. Jonathans encounter with East German Police and Russian spymasters is an indication that our actions through the relationships we get involved in can be detrimental. Upon returning home, Jonathan narrates his adventures to his parents who do not believe anything he tells them. They think he is on drugs. This is an indication that that drug and alcohol abuse among the youths is always a critical issue in the community.

I am not a technophobia, but I am skeptical about the advancement in the gaming technologies that are usually promoted in the science fiction movies. For instance, Jonathan and other UCLA students play a Gotcha game. In this game, the players hunt each other down using pre-paintball or dart guns to eliminate the opponent. Such games advocate violence and element of lawlessness among the teenagers. I think the Gotcha game has impacted negatively on Jonathan. At some point, he uses the tranquilizer gun to eliminate the Soviets who were chasing him. Towards the end of the movie, Jonathan tries to talk to a beautiful student who scolds him. As she walks away, Jonathan does not hesitate shooting her with a tranquilizer pistol. This attests that Jonathan has been affected by Gotcha game which has transformed into a violent and arrogant person.

Gotcha movie has been excellent when it comes to addressing relevant issues affecting teenagers, especially in a campus setting. Regardless of a few shortcomings such as gaps in its storytelling, I rate the film highly in its production and the key message delivered. It is an entertaining comedy characterized by funny characters and suspense that makes its plot to be captivating.

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