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Published: 2021-07-02 20:52:53
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Get Out does a commendable job in bringing to the fore the reality of racism that contemporary America grapples with. The film reveals that racism is a reality in the United States and a lot has to be done to address it. The movie is intelligently thought provoking. The movie can be classified into three film genres. The movie can be classified as comedy, horror or thriller. The movie is both entertaining from a comedy perspective but at the same time terrifying. The movie has horrific scenes. The movie is full of an unsettling atmosphere with the protagonist of the movie, Chris Washington, unsure of what is going to happen next. In the movie, there is a twisty revelation of what is transpiring.

The movie reveals issues that surround modern black/white interracial relationships. Chris Washington, a young black man, is anxious on whether his girlfriends parents will accept him as their daughters boyfriend. Chris anxiety is compounded by the fact that his girlfriend (Rose) has not informed her parents that her boyfriend is black. On meeting his girlfriends parents, Chris is grilled to the extent that one would think he is being interviewed for a job.

Racism is competently revealed in the movie. On their way to Roses parents, the car that Rose and Chris are driving in knocks a deer. Despite the fact that Rose is the one who is driving the car, a white police officer accuses Chris as being responsible for knocking the deer. The police officers behavior amounts to racial profiling. Rose parents servants are black people. The housekeeper is known as Georgina, and the handyman is known as Walter. The positions that Walter and Georgina hold depict institutional racism.

The movie aptly uses symbolism to discuss the topic of racism. The setting of the movie is a plantation looking farm house. During slavery in America, most slave owners had farm houses that were surrounded by a plantation. Cotton is symbolically used in the movie. Cotton was a major cash crop during the days in which slavery was legal in America. Black slaves used to spend their time working in cotton fields. The message that the producer of the movie conveys by using a plantation and cotton is one to make the audience realize that even though slavery was abolished two hundred years ago, slavery tendencies are still in existence. Slavery tendencies are in existence in a sense that white people continue to regard themselves as being superior to black people.

The costume that is used in the movie is used to accentuate an atmosphere of slavery. Walter and Georgina are dressed in old costumes that used to be worn by slaves during the slavery period. Given that Walter and Georgina wear old costumes that used to be worn by slaves, it is not far-fetched to state that Rose parents are subtly perpetuating slavery.

The movie astutely portrays the missing problem that plagues the African American community. On a yearly basis, many African Americans go missing but very little is often done to establish their whereabouts. It is worrying that Chris Washington, a young black male goes missing for many days, but his absence does not receive a lot of attention. Had Chris Washington been a white kid, his absence would have received a lot of attention and police officers would have been all over the place looking for him.

The movie has a happy ending, with the protagonist of the movie being saved on the verge of being killed. Officer Rodney Williams, a black police officer, comes to the rescue of Chris. The happy ending has a hidden meaning. The happy ending means that there is hope that the problem of racism in America will soon come to an end.

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