Film Analysis Essay on Doll's House

Published: 2021-08-18
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A Dolls House is a film directed by Joseph Losey based on the play written by Henrik Ibsen. It focuses the fate of a married woman who lacks cognitive benefits for self-satisfaction in a male-dominated world. Considering Act I, Nora and Torvald have what appears on the surface to be a good marriage. It is based on entirely different as well as unequal gender roles whereby Torvald looks the classic male breadwinner and holds power in the relationship while Nora is a housewife and consumer treated by Torvald as though she is an innocent child. This shows that the beginning of the play Torvalds and Noras marriage relationship is perfect and having a good marriage.

According to the drama, the real protagonist in the play is Nora Helmer. This is because the entire plot revolves around her trying, flirting, pleading as well as doing anything she possibly can to keep her secret. Also, we see her grow the most in the play whereby she starts by being a well-mannered housewife until the end where she is a willed woman who leaves the safety of her home. On the other hand, Nils Krogstad is the antagonist since he tries to expose Noras big secret as well as he ruins her name and marriage so that he can get a good reputation.

Moreover, the perception of Nora changes during the play as she evolves from a passive victim of societys expectations and become her woman. She lets go both physically and mentally of the matters shes been taught about being a woman since her childhood and ends up giving up everything to break the chains of marriage and liberates herself from being someone elses property. Moreover, there are significant references, allusions as metaphors used in the play such as Victorian Era influence, macaroon as well as masking to foreshadow Noras change. For instance, macaroon is used to signify the deceit and dishonest Nora. On the other hand, Ibsen has used so many references to symbolize sickness as well as fever in the play. The word fever is not directly mentioned in the play, but there are many references to illness. For instance, Dr. Ranks illness is stated in the plot and is significant since it becomes a symbol of social injustice which is paralleling the inequity Nora must suffer as well as other women.

Moreover, the play has used specific props which aided in enhancing the understanding of the underlying messages. The symbols employed helped in opinion and finding the drama more interesting. For instance, the use macaroons have been used to signify deceit and disobedience by Nora. Noras eating of macaroons alone in the living room shows that she was hiding something which makes more exciting to watch the film to comprehend what she was deceitful about. Thus, the employment of the props has made the play be understood appropriately. On the other hand, Victorian societal values portray a female viewpoint in a male-dominated community.

According to Torvalds suggestion after reading Krogstads letter, shows that a woman should support the man whereby he finds happiness not necessary in the context since Nora is defiance of criminal law and does not provide satisfaction to Torvald anymore, however, she remains the moral superior in the relationship. Moreover, Torvalds view of Nora who above all else is a wife and mother is different from Noras later feeling that she must be a human being and to become one she must be educated. This is because Torvalds opinion of Nora is that women are supposed to play the role of motherhood and to be a good wife which is opposite to what Nora thinks and act. Nonetheless, Nora believes that a woman should be given the freedom to education so that she can acquire the feeling of being liberal in the society. Thus, both opinions on feminism differ resulting in a conflict between the two.

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