Film Analysis Essay on Beauty and the Beast

Published: 2021-07-07
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The earlier version of Beauty and the Beast is obviously authentic than the 2017 film with the same title. The 1991 version exhibits originality, an aspect that makes it relatable with both children and adult audiences. Based on the charming prince tales of the English monarchical system, the animated musical masterpiece is superbly made, with a storyline that continuously keeps the audience hooked from the start to the end. Beauty and the Beast (1991) still remains relevant today as it was two decades ago among fun-seekers who have a taste for Disney animations, thrill, and fiction. The protagonists are unusual lovebirds whose love story begins in a mysterious way. Arguably, the movies latest close competitor in theme is Shrek (2001), although the latters cinematography uses more advanced technology. Beauty and the Beast (1991) is a film worth spending time on since it does not disappoint in all its facets.

The drama in the film unfolds with the visit of an enchantress to the castle. The witch comes with a rose flower and gives to the Prince who arrogantly refuses to accept it. In dismay, the witch casts a spell on the Prince and all the servants in the castle. Consequently, the Prince transfigures into a monstrous beast with a head akin to that of a bison, teeth of a wolf, the mane of a lion, and horns like those of an antelope. Meanwhile, Belle, a beautiful girl in a neighboring town is fighting romantic advances of Gaston, a flamboyant hunter who feels that he is the only one who deserves a girl like Belle. Belle, however, dislikes him and focuses on her reading. Her father, who is an inventor, travels to a fare to present his latest innovation. Along the way, he seeks shelter in a castle, where he is incarcerated by the Beast. Belle starts to look for her father in the woods and bumps on the Beast. It takes her a prisoner and releases her father, who has by now become insane. In a twist of events, Belle and the Beast develop mutual attraction, but Belle is still intrigued by the Beasts weird looks. Belle spends her time in the castle, interacting with the Beast and the servants, who are apparently household items. In a lovely musical narration, Belle describes her feeling for the Beast, who is depressed and ashamed of earning the attraction of the beautiful Belle. On his 21st birthday, coinciding with the day the last petal of the enchanted rose flower falls, the Beast resumes its original form and gets married to Belle afterwards.

The plot of the movie is very interesting in text, but more appealing to watch. Although the movie is produced primarily for children, its central theme is applicable to adults and adolescents alike. It focuses on the material versus the immaterial. If put in the contemporary setting, Belle is a typical girl who would love a man based on their character, rather than on their possessions. The Prince had a past that Belle did not know. In fact, Belle loved the prince without knowing that he was once human. She did not even think that he would even become human at all. The outcome of the movie is a useful lesson. Belle becomes the princess of the land, solely because of her perseverance and commitment. In a nutshell, the film is not only made of beautiful graphics and action but also strong themes and lessons.

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