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Published: 2021-08-11 14:01:48
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In the past decade, there have been numerous technological innovations, especially on connectivity and networking. Such innovations include the Evoso gadget with the ability to integrate with the human mind such that the human brain functions as a supercomputer. Ordinarily, supercomputers are known to process large chunks of data quickly and execute several processes simultaneously. The Evoso gadget has the same effect on a human mind by increasing the IQ significantly as well as enabling people to network or sense the presence of other people of interest who have the device.

Literally, Evoso functions like a GPS microchip. When implanted, the microchip sends a signal to the receptor (in this case a satellite and a phone) which helps to determine the location. However, Evoso will be different in that unlike the GPS microchip that remains as a foreign object throughout its serviceable period, Evoso is made of materials (nguflesh) with the same chemical composition as human flesh. However, the materials (nguflesh) have the same processing abilities as silicon used to manufacture microchips. The advantage of using nguflesh is that it has the capability of easily blending with body parts and continue growing as if they were original body parts.

Evoso is implanted in the head to increase proximity to the neurotransmitters and central nervous system. After implantation, it blends with the brain hence transferring its supercomputer abilities to the human mind. As a result, the processing power of the brain is increased to that of a supercomputer. Apart from processing abilities, Evoso comes with benefits such as networking, mitigating risky events before they occur, investigation techniques, discerning the truth from lies, among others.

When a person sees an object, a signal is sent to the brain and based on the existing knowledge about an object; an image is formed and interpreted. Typically, the mind can only interpret one object at a time. For instance, when a person enters a room full of familiar people, an image is formed. However, the interpretation of the content of the image takes place one after the other. It is impossible for the ordinary human mind to carry out two processes simultaneously. This is where Evoso comes in. As a supercomputer integrated with the human mind, it will increase the number of processes and tasks executed simultaneously from one to limitless. As a result, the productivity and efficiency of a person will increase significantly.

Suppose a police detective working on a murder case comes across a number of suspects. Without Evoso, he will be forced to analyze the suspects one by one even after seeing them all at once. However, with Evoso, the detective will be able to analyze the suspects simultaneously and compare the facts thereby reducing the time spent on the case. Importantly, using Evoso eliminates human error and judgmental errors usually committed by police officers. Hence, only the guilty will be convicted and imprisoned.

With Evoso, social networking and connectivity will be improved. The primary purpose of the eye is to help the mind decode an image by forming electrical impulses that are sent to the brain. On the other hand, ears help to decode the sound signals. For communication, a person must talk, or there must be vibrations. However, in situations of life and death, speaking or vibrations might be a risk. Evoso is installed with applications that discern thoughts about to be executed, where to be executed, and how to be executed. Since it is a part of the brain, having the thought of communicating to another person is enough to start the networking process. And since the gadgets are linked, and each of them has a unique identity, a user will only need to define the identity of the recipient, and the message will be delivered without necessarily having to speak.

Overall, the benefits of Evoso are limitless. Just like any other technological innovation, caution should be taken not to be used for the bad reasons. The benefits of the gadget should only be used to enhance lives and make the world a better place.

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