Factors That Influence the Success of Digital-Banking Businesses in Saudi Arabia

Published: 2021-07-12
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After the definition, and assessment of the factors that influence the success of digital banking businesses in Saudi Arabia, the results will be important, especially to banks and financial as a source of roadmap to digitalization. It is undeniable that digital transformation is a new reality, and banking and financial business have to go digital, modernising their processes through the adoption of the technological tools that support transformation. These factors may also integrate the elements such as clearly articulated digital agenda and digital culture. Without the identified factors, banks and financial businesses face the possibility of slow uptake and a low return on investments. However, if these factors are in place, the banking executives will be required to pay a careful attention aimed at selecting and managing the digital enablers to implement transformation.

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Saudi Arabia experienced an increased use of digital banking system over the past few years. Most business projects in Saudi Arabia are changing into digital banking, but in a slow manner. In this sense, the majority of the clients are still substantially control-oriented, based on the fact that people authorize the transactions may not necessarily make the move to digital banking (Wewege, 2017). Fundamentally, the digital banking or the online banking refers to the type of banking system that allows clients to access their bank services or services that financial institutions offer them. A major example of digital business is the e-banking. While it is evident that this technological advance has promoted substantial convenience in addition to the manner in which transactions are conducted, it is important to examine or assess the factors that influence the success of digital banking in Saudi Arabia. The primary aim of this study is therefore to determine factors that affect the success of digital business in Saudi Arabia.

The specific objectives of this study will be:

i. To determine the success factors that influences the building of digital businesses in Saudi Arabia.

The research questions that will guide this study will include:

What are success factors that influence the building of digital businesses in Saudi Arabia?

After the identification of these factors, the researcher will use the results as roadmap and policy advice to banks and financial markets on the significance of adopting such factors for digital transformation.

What facts or information will you need to gather? How will you access these?

The researcher will gather information that will help answer the stated research questions. It will involve the use of the surveys collecting information from clients and users from the major Saudi Arabian banks. Besides, the researcher intends to use the interview and questionnaire to obtain the information from the bank managers, clients, business people, and the financial experts. The data to be employed in this research will be collected using open-ended questionnaires. The underpinnings for using open-ended questionnaires are based on the fact that through its use as a data collection tool, significant amounts of information can be gathered from a substantial number of participants within a short duration and in a significantly cost effective manner. Besides, its use plays crucial roles in assuring the researcher about the limited effects on the validity and reliability of findings. Specifically, the use of questionnaires will be advantageous since they are fast and can be easily quantified by the researcher.

The use of face to face interviews will also help elicit importantly and required information from the respondents such as the business people, bank managers, and financial experts. The interviews and observations have assisted in framing the clear picture of the digital banking system process in Saudi Arabia and enhanced the process of gathering answers to the specific research questions. It will be important to protect the research from bias as research bias is the good enemy of the surveys conducted. The interview questions will revolve around factors that influence the success of digital banking in Saudi Arabia. More specifically, the questions will integrate the issues related to the digital business. These will include the value attached to the digital business, the customer experience, the market in the banking sector, and the future implication of the digital banking systems on the clients.

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My proposal is concentrated on success of digital banking businesses and their influencing factors

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