Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

Published: 2021-07-28
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Article PulidoMartos, M., AugustoLanda, J. M., & LopezZafra, E. (2012). Sources of stress in nursing students: a systematic review of quantitative studies. International Nursing Review, 59(1), 15-25.

Background or Introduction

The purpose statement of the article is that it presents a systematic review of the studies, which quantitatively analyze the sources of stress among nursing students. The problem is well described as stress affects almost every profession and among the nursing students, it affects their welfare and academic performance. This article has unstructured abstract as evident by the different titles for the various parts of the abstract. Additionally, this peer-reviewed article commences by explaining the meaning of stress and the way it affects the nursing students. It goes ahead to explain the objectives of the paper and the primary objective being identifying sources of stress among the nursing students.

Review of the Literature The cited articles were between 1990 and 2009. The article did not discuss specific topics as the literature review was combined with an introduction. This study identifies the leading causes of stress among the nursing students. Some of the authors include Shirom (2003), Sawatzky (1998), and Burnard et al., (2008). The topics of the various authors were not given in detail. For instance, the statement Stress is a psychological factor that influences the academic performance and welfare of nursing students could not give me more information on the issue.

Discussion of Methodology The review included quantitative and descriptive studies of the various factors that the nursing students considered by the end of 2010. MEDLINE and PsycINFO databases were used in the study by searching terms like stress, psychological stress, and social stress. Conversation and discourse analysis were also used to conduct the research.

Data Analysis The results show that the primary form of stress is related to academics that includes workload and studying. Cross-sectional data analysis was also used in this study. Perceived stress scale and student stress index were used to analyze the results of this study.

Researchers Conclusion The study concludes that educators and clinical facilitators help in reducing stress among students. The finding makes sense as educating students on how to do their job correctly without stress helps in lowering it.


Researchers Conclusion

The study concludes that educators and clinical facilitators help in reducing stress among students. It is not in line with the background or introduction as the primary study aim was to find the primary sources of stress. The literature review tallies with the conclusion as it cited various articles on different topics. The methodology is in line with the outcome as it explains the sources of stress. The results also show the multiple sources of stress using perceived stress scale and student stress index.

Protection and Considerations

The authors of this research study cited all the information they from other researchers. Additionally, the people who participated in the research did it willingly, and they were not forced to participate. The nurses who are learning are the ones who were participating in the study, and their safety guarded. Furthermore, before initiation this study, the authors ensured that all human-related subjects procedures and documents were approved.

Strengths and Limitations

Some of the advantages of the study include easy analyzation of the study. Furthermore, data is consistent, reliable, and precise. The study findings were generalized to the population, and clear documentation was provided regarding the data obtained. Accessing the secondary data has been difficult. Furthermore, it was difficult to understand the phenomenon.

Evidence application

Through this study, I was able to know how to control stress that I might get during my career so that it does not affect my education. Additionally, it offered ways of changing our nursing practices by encouraging students to provide quality care to the patients. It is also essential to transform the curriculum by introducing new programs that may help the students not to be affected by stress issues.


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