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Published: 2021-07-08
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The Age of Discovery was the period that began from the end of the 15th century to the 18th century was a historical period with the European marking the time in which the overseas were extensively explored which led to the start of globalization, and this was considered as an influential factor in the European culture. Prince Henry the Navigator is considered as one of the main people who led to the Age of Discoveries. He initiated the Portuguese explorations during their early development and as well as maritime trade between continents. He did this by exploring Western Africa, the Atlantic Ocean Island and also by searching for new routes that could be used. The spice trade took place between Europe, Asia, and Northeast Africa. Spices were utilized for the purpose of commerce in the Eastern world these species included ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and pepper. The sea routes to India and Sri Lanka were initially under the control of the Ethiopians and Indians during the first millennium which was a major trading route. The European Age of Discovery led to the change of the spice trade which turned to be a significant activity which was carried out by the European traders (Williams, Williams, & Field, 1994).

The European exploration and expansion led to the Europeans to start using the caravel. Initially, they would use the barge and as well as the old cargo vessels. The caravel was sponsored by Henry the Navigator. Through the Columbian exchange, it led to the changing of the lives of the Europeans way of life. It changed both their social and also their cultural lives. They were able to advance on their cultural production, education and the evolution of their warfare. The trade resulted to the advancement in the transport and communication sector. It also led to the advancement of medication such as the introduction of Quinine which was used to treat malaria. During middle passage period, different tribes from Africa played a significant part and role in the trade of slavery since they sold their prisoners of wars and captives to the Europeans. The Mercantilism led to the change of the European exploration since it decreased the number that was to be involved in the trade activities since it was only of benefit to the mother country, this led to Europe acquiring so much money from that. It significantly affected colonization since it meant they had to pay extra if they imported and it would lead them to trouble if they had no additional amount to pay for the supply. During the new Imperialism, the European powers led to the Scramble for Africa which was colonization of the African territory, division, and occupation. The old Imperialism differed from the new one in that the old used military force so as to colonize Africa and also Asia so as they can take over their government. They took advantage of their economy so as to provide Europe with the raw materials that were required by their industries. On the other hand the new Imperialism the European powers did not acquire the territories, but instead, they built various locations for trade. The new Imperialism was mostly meant to empower the economies of the regions that were not European during the 19th century (Oliver, 1964).


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