Essay Sample on Trump vs. Kim Jong Eun Standoff

Published: 2021-07-22
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Before the inauguration of the then President-Elect, Donald Trump, the then US President, Barrack Obama remarked that North Korea will be the greatest test for the incoming Trump administration. Barely 100 days into office, has Trump had to deliberate and face numerous challenges with finding a solution to the nuclear tests under Kim Jong Eun of North Korea. It is no doubt that North Koreas administration is agitating for a bitter direct confrontation with the United States. Over the past few months, North Korea has insisted on carrying out its nuclear tests amid international condemnation and threats from Trump administration. Despite sanctions and direct warnings on the possibility of a looming war with the United States, Kim Jong Eun has remained unmoved with his latest military nuclear actions aimed at creating "equilibrium" with the United States of America. Kim Jong Eun has increased his "combat power of the nuclear force," ready to launch a full-scale nuclear program and oblivious to the resulting effects of his actions. Kim noted that his ultimate objective is to lay down a balance of force with the United States with the sole aim of Trump not talking about a military solution to their nuclear program. Kim's latest actions of launching the Hwasong-12 thus posed a direct threat to the Trump administration with clear indications of the deployment of the IRBM Hwasong-12 intended for military confrontations.

Despite indications from Trump on pursuing dialogue to neutralize the rising tension and crisis poised by North Korea, indications point to increased nuclear tests to prove Kims mastery of the latest technology. It is no doubt that for the past few months, Kim is working around the clock to get the best attention of Trump. Trump administration has often tried to play it cool by imposing additional sanctions and working around the clock to find a solution by using North Koreas closest allies that include China and Russia. However, with each of Trumps attempts to finding a solution such as the sanctions, Kim reiterates with continued launch of ballistic drills. With Russians President, Vladimir Putin, and his counterpart Emmanuel Macron of French pursuing dialogue as the only possible solution, Trump is gradually accepting the fact that sooner or later, it will take a direct military attack on North Korea. The possibility of such a move was confirmed when Trump admitted that he is ready to "completely destroy North Korea" if it does not back down with its continued nuclear and weapons program. Trump added that Kim Jong Eun is on a suicide mission, a statement that suggested to the effect that he is ready to eliminate the North Korean leader if and when the United States is pushed to defend itself. The statements issued in his first address to the UN derided the North Korean leader and stated that his administration is ready to ultimately destroy the country. With North Koreas plans to have its missiles tested close to the US Pacific region of Guam, Trump administration is no doubt on high alert to defend itself.

Considered as the strongest language from a sitting US president, Trump emphasized that continued pursuit of nuclear tests may force his administration to take military action against North Koreas leader whom he called Rocket Man. It is no doubt that Kim Jong Eun is in total and firm control of North Korea. According to analysts, he has this ready to kill attitude, a move and attitude that has made him unmoved by Trumps military threats. Having taken over power from his father, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-Eun has continued to isolate himself from world leaders having only hosted a handful of visitors from China and Cuba. With his pragmatic and decisive approach to military actions and his nuclear program, Kim Jong Eun has continued to ignore Trump's call to stop the nuclear tests in addition to propagating for war with its neighboring nations. Over the years and more so into the Trump administration, Kim Jung Eun has taken a more aggressive approach to the nuclear program, unlike his father who was ready to scrap out the program in a truce with the Clinton administration in return of security and economic aid. Under Kim, the country has seen over 80 missile trials in addition to five nuclear assessments. In all the tests, Kim was present emphasizing his direct role in pushing for elevated tensions and crisis with the United States and the United Nations. Regarded by his countrys state media as a genius of geniuses, Kim Jong Eun has continued to advance its nuclear weapons with the objective of not falling for the United States trick as Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein did during their regime. According to analysts, Kim is using the nuclear program to endear Trump administration into accepting it as an active and complete member of the global community, same as the US did accept China upon attaining a nuclear capability.

Despite Trump's threats, Kim understands that the world will have no alternative but to accept it as a nuclear country. Kim, Trump and the entire world understands that in the event of a war, the US and its allies have more to lose. According to analysts, Kim is ready to play the long range game to force Trump into accepting its nuclear power. It is no doubt that the ensuing military threats and actions will only motivate Kim to continue with his tests amid world condemnation and Trump's threats.

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