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Published: 2021-06-22
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Student grouping is one of the most important things that most teachers apply to students while in the learning process but there is always a problem when it comes to the grouping criteria. How to form groups where the effectiveness will be achieved in the group is usually not a simple task hence the need for conducting this research. How well a group is formed among students determines how well the students will learn and benefit from the group or will the entire process end up failing since there is no communication within the group or the members of the group do not bond properly. This leads to the main problem which is how to come up with the perfect student group for a learning purpose. The brief information describes the need to conduct this research since the importance of a group entirely depends on the criteria used to group together the members of the group. This makes the problem is completely feasible and a significant problem worth addressing, a qualitative research to find out the best ways to come up with the appropriate student group.

Different sources have tried to cover this research are and most of them have done quality work to come up with impressive ways that both students and the teachers can use so as to create student groups which are completely effective. Research states that the formation of student group entirely determines the performance of the group. The more effect the group depends on the members of the group and how well they work together. A wrong decision in the group member selection can easily lead to a fall of the group in whichever task assigned to them since the group members are not compatible. Most of the information in these sources is entirely up to date and helpful in the research being conducted.

For the research a few methodologies would help conduct the research more effectively, interviews with students on different groups they are associated with will really help in conducting the research. This methodology helps the researcher acquire first-hand information from both the students and the teachers on how perfect group member selection is import to student group formation. Also while conducting the interviews one is able to realize the different student groups which do exist and how each group performs in relation to the tasks assigned to them, this gives a chance to the researcher to analyze the importance of perfect member selection for a student group. In the process of the interview several things are learnt things such as, some group members are poorly selected which results in the group failing to accomplish any task, this is where by most of the members of the group were not picked as per their strengths hence one ends up in a group where all the members have the same weakness hence this makes it hard for the group members to help out each other. Also, there are some other student group formation strategies which end up with students with the same strength hence the performance within the group becomes a competition of who is better hence the group ends up not achieving anything. But also in the interview process, there are the groups where the selection of group members was perfect the students in the group have different weaknesses and strengths hence end up helping each other and such groups perform perfectly in whichever task they are assigned. From the data collection process, it is realizable that a criterion for member selection in student groups is an essential part of the entire process.

From the research, student groups can either be productive or unproductive. This entirely lies on the group members which wholly lie on the selection criteria used to select the group members. From the researcher's perspective, the group member selection criteria need to be a well-organized criterion which ensures that the picked group members complement each other so as to come up with an effective group. The results got from the research are related to the finding from the previously conducted research work which implies that the research was well conducted also. In conclusion choosing of group members is one of the most important things in coming up with a student group.

From the research, a few limitations were encountered such trying to identify weaknesses in a student group since no group is willing to state its weaknesses. But also a few recommendations have come to pass such as how to group student and wisely pick the group members, how to mix different potentials so as to strengthen each other. Student groups should focus on strengthening the members to team work and personal level basis.

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