Essay Sample on Role of Government and Politicians in the Society

Published: 2021-07-14
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The role of the government has to be limited so as to minimize the risk of self-enrichment by the people in the government. The government or the people in government have to act for the betterment of the country and the people and not for their own financial desires. As such, the role of the government is to ensure a stable and secure environment that enables free trade, development, and production by securing national borders and protecting against internal threats; ensure that the citizens improve themselves by providing quality education and infrastructure and basic amenities such as housing, roads, clean water, and electricity; ensure a stable economy through the central bank that regulates, promotes, and funds public enterprise ventures; and lastly to adequately compensate people in the public sector such as policemen, doctors, and teachers to ensure the smooth operations in the country.

Do you have a lot of confidence in private businesses?

Private businesses are among the most profitable businesses in the society. additionally, through initiatives of corporate social responsibility, private business activities are now more accessible to the public, thus I have confidence in private businesses because of their improved transparency and their willingness and readiness to rectify any situation that may have been caused by their actions.

Do you have a lot of confidence in government programs?

There have been several government programs that have been poorly managed by the government. some of these programs would have had huge benefits for the common citizen if they been properly managed thus I do not have a lot of confidence in the government. this is not to say that I do not have any confidence in government programs, for instance, the government does a good job in responding to natural disasters and in establishing safe and fair workplace standards.

Do you consider yourself liberal, conservative or something else?

I would not say I am a complete conservative or liberal as my views sway with the issues at hand. I am liberal l in that I believe in marriage equality however when it abortion, I believe that there should be a mechanism in place to determine the validity of abortion lest it may be turned into a form of contraceptive. On the other hand, I believe that the success of the economy should be judged on the standard of living as opposed to the traditional view of profits. Thus, I would say I am something between a liberal and a conservative.

Do you think the concept of political culture helps us understand better the practice of Texas politics?

Political culture plays a significant role in the comprehension of Texas politics. People in Texas share a broad consensus about fundamental ideals and values. As such, the political scene in Texas is characterized by ideologies that have faith in a free market economy while favoring traditional moralism and values and promotes the worthiness and rights of ordinary people. Guided by these ideologies Texas politics has for a long time advocated for pro-business policies, low government services, and low taxes.

Takeaway from The Article

I believe the government can help reduce the rising inequality that is being experienced in localities such as Houston. However, I do not believe that the government should intervene directly. I agree with the article that the government cannot help though raising the minimum wage partly because such an action would only yield immediate short-lived results. There needs to be a long-term solution that ensures the inequality reduces and keeps reducing in the future, thus strategies aimed at the improvement of education would be better suited to tackling the inequality problem.

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