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Published: 2021-06-23
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Public policy is a system of funding priorities, courses of action, regulatory measures and laws taken by the governments representative or itself. The decisions of government policies are often decided by a group of individuals who has different interests and beliefs. In the United States of America, their systems comprise of all actions that are taken by its federal government. In that regard, the branch of the executive is a primary entity which enacts policies even though they are being derived from the collection of legal precedents, and through which administrative decisions and laws are made. Therefore, this topic will entirely cover the comparison and contrast between Obama and trumps public policy and the role each branch plays in the influence, creation, implantation and evaluation of public policy.

To compare Obamas public policies with the one of Trump they have a huge difference regarding their perspectives. In this respect, taking a look at Obama s public policies they are of much concern as they guide the government towards being successful unlike the ones of trump which has no value even though he always claims that they are similar to those of Obama. In such terms, when observing the public policy of banning visas from Iraq refugees for six months was a direct response towards the Iraq nationals who were found sending weapons, explosives, and money to al-Qaida. Unlike the ban which was declared by Trump is regarded as preemptive because there was no immigrant or refugee from any of the seven countries who was involved in committing any fatal terrorist attack towards the United States to force him to pass such policy. Trump in any public policy he makes, he always claims that they are similar to the ones made by Obama, but their similarity is in a superficial way, In that they both limit immigrants into the country temporarily. In such terms, with Obamas policy there was a specific threat which forced him towards that, but with Trump nothing, in particular, made him do so.

On the other hand, Obamas policy was narrower in a sense that it put a pause on the processing of refugees whereas when comes to Trumps order altered all the entries of all on U.S. visitors. And this case makes trumps order to be broader with no evidence that is responding to any particular event hence rendering trumps claim of his policy being similar to that of Obama to be rated as false. Therefore, leaders should learn that when passing any public policy it should be strong in a manner that it encourages an emphatic or active citizenship, supports democratic processes and institutions, and serves justice, efficient and effective. Also, those policies should be successful in a manner that it defines the problem, gather the evidence, identify causes, select best solutions, develop solutions and evaluate the system.

In that case, the government branches on public policy Include legislative, executive, and judiciary. To have a policy being influenced, created, implemented and evaluated the branches of the government must have played their roles. Like the legislature branch it affects the government policies, scrutinizes and supervises the executive activities, criticizes, controls replaces and amends old laws and makes the law. In that connection, there is an executive branch which also has the authority to dissolve and adjourn; it has the responsibility of controlling the administrative systems of the government and enforces the laws enacted or made by the legislature. The executive also has the responsibility of executing and formulating the public policy. Moreover, the judiciary is more concerned on how justice is being administered. Judiciary is regarded as the guardian of the constitution as it has the power to declare any law invalid if it notices some confusion. The judiciary is the one that interprets the statutes, constitutions, and laws, it also hears and decides disputes. It plays a role of an advisory body to the government, and it can make laws if the existing ones are found to be conflicting and confusing.

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