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Published: 2021-08-02
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There usually emerges conflict when the personal values and beliefs do not coincide with the mission statement for the organizations we work for, especially as a nurse. Being a nurse requires that one adheres to the nursing code of ethics and professional ethics which act as a framework upon which every nurse can draw their moral guidance (Dean, 2014). This avoids harm to the people we are giving health care. This essay will focus on delineating the corporate mission statement for Landstuhl Regional Medical Center while comparing them with personal values. Besides, I will discuss whether there has been any non-compliance with the mission statement.

I am a nurse at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center mission which endeavors to provide support to the readiness mission among Army soldiers. In my jurisdiction, I work to ensure that I provide primary care in an outpatient clinic which is focused on the provision of healthcare services to active army members and their families. The mission statement for Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is "To provide world-class comprehensive and compassionate care to our Nation's Warriors, their families, retirees and all other directed beneficiaries while maintaining unity and personal readiness to meet the demands of our Nation.

This mission statement is based on some tenets such as beneficence whereby we provide the help needed for the soldiers to be better in their field. The corporate strives to assist the soldiers in preparing both medically and mentally by struggling to achieve personal readiness and unity in the fields. The premise is based on the incessant need by the corporate to help the soldiers regain their dignity. This conforms with my values of upholding human dignity. Furthermore, I also provide the healthcare service to their families. Provision of healthcare to their families advances the relationship with the patients and subsequently improves the nature of nursing practice to be offered. Being an ethical nurse allows me to provide services that promote the health and safety of the patient, preserve their integrity and wholeness, while at the same time maintaining my professional competence for professional and personal growth.

Furthermore, the tenet of justice is also present in the mission statement. For instance, the company extends the services to the members of the families of the soldiers even when they have retired. This is relevant to the personal nursing values such as justice, honesty, commitment, accuracy in caring, and human relationship.

Moreover, the mission focuses on the tenet of compassion. The nursing code expects the nursing fraternity to work with compassion (Newham, 2014). The corporate endeavors to provide nursing practice with empathy that ensures the soldier's concerns are met. As a nurse, I am equipped with skills that help me empathize with the patients and offer the necessary support (McMillan, 2010). This allows me to offer a primary nursing commitment to patients, their families, and the beneficiaries.

In my dispensation of services at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, I have witnessed overwhelming unity and support from colleagues. The entire nursing practitioners have adhered to the tenets of the mission statement. Consequently, I have not experienced any noncompliance with the mission statement. However, in case of any non-compliance, there are stern actions that the company can take against a non-compliant officer. However, at the moment, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is working well whereby the staff is working in tandem with the provision of the mission statement since it is the guiding framework of our nursing practice. Adherence to the mission statement is a common goal that every member of the nursing fraternity has to do for a proper execution of our services.


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