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Published: 2021-07-01
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The goal of each online platform is to increase visibility which should drive the traffic. The client is misguided about keyword stuffing and might have read somewhere that keyword stuffing increases traffic to the website. However, such kind of an approach will drive traffic in the short run, but in the long term, fewer rankings will be realized as online viewers will not visit the site a second time. A lot of keyword on the Google pages is against the ethics of Google especially when the words are unrelated and do not benefit the clients. For instance, being very repetitive would attract people to the website after which the reading the content would be boring and uninforming causing the online viewers to seek information elsewhere. Therefore, the best alternative would be to find a strategy that increases traffic without compromising the ability to communicate with the target market. Additionally, the users might disregard the content because of feeling like being used as the means to the end. In a sense, keyword stuffing alone will mean that Barkley will be in business not to meet the needs of the clients but their selfish gains. Therefore, as customers feel less valued and unimportant, in the long term, the rankings will go low, and even the company might be faced out because of irrelevance. Apparently, using the keyword stuffing is not the only factor that is important is driving the traffic towards a site. There is need to use keywords and use other approaches like white hat strategically.

White hat search engine optimization entails using various tactics, strategies, and approaches whose aim is the human audience other than just the search engine policies, plans and rules (Malaga, 2010 pp.20). The objective of this method is to have content that appeals to the online target audience and meets its needs without being overly repetitive and misguided. Unlike where the search engine is the primary focus, the white hats focus is individuals and as such seeks content that is relevant and useful for human readers. Such content would not have many visitors at first, but over time through referrals by users, the visibility can increase over time. To attain such kind of a high goal requires proper planning and utilization of various tactics like link popularity, link building and back linking. Although the investment may be huge and it takes the time to create sufficient traffic on the website that is the most ethical way for a long term investment. With consistency and diligence, the site will attract sufficient users.

User-friendly content will be shared by people on social media, email their friends and also invite others to the site. The other advantage of choosing this approach is one that Google approves or other search engines such that the company will not have to operate in the fear that Google may delete the content or face other breach charges because of not adhering to the ethics of online content. But while they chose the white hat method, they build credibility, brand, and image which are vital for the sustainability of the online business. Such sustainability is so because the content was customized in a way that the marketer considered the audience in a narrow sense as opposed to the broad and vague approach that is sometimes used in internet marketing as highlighted by Strokes (2013, pp. 169)


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