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Published: 2021-07-21
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The foundation of nursing professionalism envisaged resounding drastic changes in the both technical and practical aspects. The comprehension of the foundational knowledge in the institution of the current nursing practices reflects back to the former nurses sentiment of professional identity which is articulate today. The historical reflection of the nursing practices, the American Nurses Association (ANA) institutionalization and conceptualizations are the fundamental artifacts in understanding the gradual and independence trends the nursing profession has undergone.

The evolutionary changes in nursing are attributed to various scholars. These scientists harbor significant impacts in the popular tracks that the nursing industry took in the recent past. For instance, Florence Nightingale is viewed as the key proponent in development of technological integrated nursing education. He primarily takes credit for steering the incorporation of technology in the nursing field, development of nurse practitioners programs and the proposition of the doctoral training programs.The aspect of progressivism and public health nursing which involved the essence of community nursing that later created chains for business-oriented hospitals are significantly attributed to the evolutionary trends in nursing roles which primarily became more profound after the world wars (Friberg & Creasia, 2015). Evidently, the need for a sustainable nursing professionals program was a critical need for the entirety thus imposing the progressive sustenance of interactive timeline education. The evasion of traditional platforms of diagnosis and religious base posed a specific concern in this line.

The ANA defines nursing as the logic of protecting, promoting and optimization of the health technicalities in preclusion of illness and diagnostic alleviation of health adversaries amongst families and individuals (Tastan, et. al, 2014). Metaparadigm nursing theories entail the health concepts, personal environmental and nursing ideologies. The primary component of nursing treatment modalities is prompt comprehension of the patients health conditions and the important environmental parameters. A Proper knowledge of the patients health status not only help in administering the appropriate medical prescription but also enable the nurses to alleviate pain and suffering.

In summary, the foundation of nursing and the trendy advancement in this professionalism has created an avenue for improved diagnostic paradigms which rhymes with the evolving world technicalities.


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