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Published: 2021-07-16
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Many dreams of marriage from the phase view and understanding of unity, but fails to understand the level of commitment that comes with it. At an early age during the courtship process, it may be hard to comprehend one another especially the personal hidden behaviors. It was and is still being said that marriages having a humble beginning signify future growth and a stronger bond between the partners compared to that colored with money. The reality is, money may never buy love but in marriage, it determines a lot.

Finance is a pillar that determines the stability and the degree of unity between the husband and the wife within a family. As much as love may reign, the duties and responsibilities of the husband and wife must be attained based on the agreement of the couples.

The marriage ideology of mine, yours and ours is a number one problem killing marriages. It is a sign that there is no unity and trust as couples are approaching the future since everyone is for him or herself. In a situation where this occurs in a marriage, it indicates that each partner is protecting personal belonging as there is no trust hence possible divorce.

Also, in certain circumstances, there is an issue of financial bullying within the family. It occurs when one of the partners earns more than the other creating an aspect of the power play. One spouse dictates how money is to be spent in the house, implying that the other who is underemployed has to adhere with what is said by the other. In such a situation, money has acted as a stumbling block preventing the efficiency of achieving family goals as a team.

Furthermore, personality about spending and saving might as well kill the marriage. Before people get married, the major aspect that blinds them is the issue of beauty forgetting character which is bound to stabilize the marriage. In a circumstance where the husband is spendthrift, and the wife is good at saving, problems may emerge, and one may be forced to leave. The idea is that one of the spouses is focused and is doing everything to invest and save for their future, while the other is busy spending on activities which are not helpful. After a while, one may find it challenging and decide to move away.

Another significant concern to consider is the contribution of the extended family to marriage. There are circumstances whereby one may be forced to leave because of being overburdened. Consistent financial demands from the members of the extended family may limit one from planning and future execution of plans. Issues such as siblings' fees, vacation, budgeting and other minor financial expenses may make one to develop an attitude and leave. It is more of exploitation to an individual because of the financial position rather assisting one another.

Finally is the issue of debts and family budget for the siblings. Before marriage, individuals may be having loans which after marriage may fall on both spouses. To evade the obligations, one may decide to walk away. Also, in a situation where siblings are only catered for by a single parent without the input of the other, issues pertaining budgeting may arise making one who is capable of keeping the children as favored by the law.

In conclusion, marriage requires total submission, commitment, and unity of the partners. Issues regarding debts, income, personality, extended families and other relevant ideologies from experienced people should be considered before engagement for future and unity of the household.

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