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Published: 2021-08-18
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Marketing through the internet has seen a couple of transformations over the past decade. Paid search advertising works in some ways, the most common being Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression. Pay Per Click means that the client pays the search engine or the marketing site each time somebody clicks on the advertisement link or icon. Cost Per Impression (CPM) means that the client pays for the click every time the advert is displayed. CPM is less likely to be preferred by clients because it is more costly than PPC as the advert has to be paid for just displaying and not viewing it as PPC requires. Search words can include specific brands which are copyrighted and trademarked.

Keywords for paid search advertising are used to browse for and organize in list items from a set criterion on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Keywords make it easy for potential customers to identify the one desired item from a variety and make the best choice. Hence it can be concluded that keywords are specific words that make the process of surfing the internet for specific items and trusted vendors easier. The use of keywords depends on both the knowledge and exposure of the potential client and the organizational database of the search engine hosting the items.

The client has to have enough knowledge of what he or she is searching for. Keywords use specific words to list the items being searched for, and so the client has to know the keywords to put into the search engine. The vendor or search engine has to use average keywords meaning that a wide variety of the potential client base has to know the words to key in. Use of complex words makes the web crawling process equally complex, and the search results will be inconsistent with the expectations of the potential client.

Keywords should be commonly used words and unique also to narrow down the search list. The results displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are listed in multiple criteria. First and most important is the rate of pay per click or impression; the higher the rate, the more prevalent the listing. For example, if two search engines A and B are advertising sofa sets and the PPC for A is $0.1, and B is $0.05 then the sofa set listing for A will appear before that of B.

Price or rate per click/impression is the most important factor in the choice of keywords. Cost Per Impression (CPM) is most important for firms who are looking for branding themselves in the market. The firms are more concerned about gaining exposure in the market rather than making a profit. Making profit for the firm comes after gaining market recognition. Pay Per Click (PPC) is used for companies looking to broaden and increase their market sales.

Search words are most essential for companies which want to improve their market sales and hence PPC is the way to go. The keywords selected should be unique to the firm which sells the items listed, and they should correspond to the tags in the product database. It is important that specific words occurring in the database and search list are linked in a one to one relationship which brings instant and straightforward results.

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