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Published: 2021-06-29
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Professional development is a lifetime, collaborative learning process that nourishes the growth of individuals, teams, and, the world as a whole. It not roughly done to persons on an occasional basis as new obligations or educational trends appear, it is an ongoing sustainable process that constructs collaboration, generates and shares professional knowledge, use current research and informs the daily work of leaders (Kennedy, p. 2014). It enhance professional capability, understanding, and skills.

(Kidron & Tilove, 2017)Continued professional development can include programs such as certificate programs and leadership institutes, as well as professional workshops. Strong leadership can transform, and turn aspirations in the world into reality. It can lead people into living that matter, to attain strong leadership it is important for the aspirant to develop, cultivate, and nurture it. This can lead organizations into a frontier of success, specifically by mobilizing people, groups, culture, and organizations to achieve and produce results.

Developing leaders is the most critical of all functions that every leader have on their agenda, this is because it determines not only their ability to cope in tomorrows world but also to thrive in that world. The topic of leadership development is in the minds of most of the executive in the world today and has a strategic priority in many organizations in the world today. Therefore, it is vital to move the organizations into the future; these are the things about how collectives, teams, organizations, and units can create clarity of direction, alignment of mindsets and efforts, and higher levels of motivation and commitment towards those directions. (Dragoni & Day, 2016).

Professional leadership development brings about flexibility, it helps leaders to handle certain changes, multiple workloads, and demands, they can respond quickly to challenging situations, and they are more resilient. People who luck this continue to use old behaviors in new situations; this often leads to disharmony, misunderstandings, and stress. Therefore professional leadership development helps the leader to cope in the dynamic world and frequently changing situations; the skills gained includes; habits, knowledge, and attitudes to became a better leader at whatever level.

People have different personalities, and to guide other people, a leader needs constant training to develop their leadership based on their personality. A systematic process that identifies who they are at their best in different environments with diverse groups, and refines it into their leadership model that takes into consideration the values and experience. Therefore, improve their ability to communicate objective clearly, inspire others to perform at their peak, building trust among peers and increase personal effectiveness.

For a new leader, its always hard to learn leadership skills on their own, because leadership is a journey to understand self-leadership, it involves the ability to think strategically and be agile, emotional engagement, communication and the ability to interact with the team. It supports one's greater self and awareness of how an individual affects others, who may not communicate what they feel or think, it a journey of understanding people and knowing what makes them succeed, and how the leader can support their success. It is a journey of self in combination with the environment

Some people might argue that leaders are born, the numbers of leaders who are taken are a fraction of what the world needs. Therefore, there is a greater need to improve productivity, besides, those leaders who are born needs constant training to cope with others and evolve with the constantly changing world. Leaders, that get professional, always have an advantage over others; their models of approaching situations are more democratic.


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