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Published: 2021-07-02
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Healthy relationships at places of work have an impact on work performance. There is a need for people to be informed about how to develop healthy relationships at places of work. Individuals who have healthy relationships with their colleagues at their places of work are more likely to be productive when compared to individuals who have poor working relationships with their colleagues at their places of work. Therefore, people should be taught about how to go about developing healthy relationships at their places of work. The paper critically discusses techniques one can use in developing healthy relationships at a place of work.

First of all, let me talk about healthy working relationships in general. Healthy working relationships refer to working relationships that are full of respect for your colleagues and relationships that lead to a harmonious existence among work mates. Communicating openly and frequently among workers in a place of work encourages the development of richer relationships. The more effective colleagues at a place of work communicate the more likely they are to build healthy and honest relationships (Carroll 19). Two-way communication at places of work will ensure that workers make a contribution to what needs to be done to improve work performance at the place of work. Two-way communication at the place of work will promote a sense of respect for workers at a place of work regardless of their position (Carroll 67).

We just learned that open communication is vital in developing healthy relationships at places of work. Secondly, we will talk about effective listening as a technique that can be used to develop healthy relationships at places of work. Effective listening boosts colleagues self-esteem. A person who is listened to feels appreciated. A person who feels appreciated is highly likely to reciprocate ones positivity. A working environment that is full of positivity will go a long way in ensuring that workers develop harmonious working relationships (Hoppe 5). Active and effective listening entails listening carefully what one has to say as well as understanding ones message. A worker should learn to be attentive of what his or her colleague is talking about in a communication process. Effective listening makes a person feel respected. A worker who feels respected is likely to show respect to his or her colleagues at the place of work. A worker who feels that his or her opinions are ignored at the place of work is likely to develop a negative attitude towards his or her colleagues (Hoppe 6).

After discovering that effective listening plays a major role in promoting healthy working relationships at the place of work, I will discuss the third main point. Finally, I will conclude with information about how accepting and celebrating differences is important in developing healthy relationships at your place of work. Human beings are all unique. The moment that we accept that we as human beings are all different, we will stop expecting our colleagues at our places of work to behave in a particular manner. Consequentially, conflicts will be reduced at our places of work, and healthy relationships will be promoted (Webb 23). Welcoming diversity. People who have good relationships tend to be those who can accept diverse opinions, diverse people, and diverse perspectives. A person who welcomes diversity is likely to be a good decision maker because he or she will make sure that different opinions and insights are factored in his or her decision-making process (Webb 35).

In conclusion, the paper reveals that it is important to develop healthy relationships at workplaces. Open communication at a workplace encourages the development of richer relationships. Effective listening boosts workers self-esteem and promotes positivity at the workplace. Accepting and celebrating differences, promotes diversity, reduces conflict and develops healthy working relationships. Any given organization or company should ensure that its workers develop healthy working relationships to ensure that they maximize their productivity and improve an organizations general performance.

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