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Published: 2021-07-30
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The following pie chart represents the food market segmentation in Paris. It shows the various market segments each industry will represent in the industry.

Source: (, 2017)

The Traditional Foodservice is considered the historical heartbeat of the Paris Food Service which is coupled with a stable segment and with a slight decrease in the industry. Besides, the traditional foodservice represents about 34% of the meals served in the commercial foodservice industry as well as 46% of the turnover (, 2017).

Market Share

The HRI-Industry is divided into two categories including institutional catering as well as the commercial catering. However, should be noted that the commercial catering dominates Paris foodservice market. Notably, the traditional restaurants, hotels, resorts, leisure parks, cafeterias, cafes, brasseries, fast food outlets and street vendors represent the citys 78% of the countrys HRI sector. On the other hand, the institutional catering represents 22% of the HRI sector and provide education, healthcare, business, catering, schools, factory restaurants among others which currently sells more than $8.2 billion a year. The following pie chart represents the food service market share (Journo, 2012)


Source: (Journo, 2012)

Some of the big companies which dominate the institutional catering market share include Sodexho, Elior, Autogrill, Horeto as well as Compass. On the other hand, some of the examples of the big institutions which serve in the Commercial Catering in Paris include the McDonalds France, Financiere Quick SAS as well as Agapes Restauration.

The statistic has it that there are about 38,393 restaurants in Paris. It is evident that there are approximately 15,357 Asian restaurants which represent 40% of the general restaurants in Paris. Moreover, the city has about 7,678 Vietnamese restaurants, and this represents 20% of the overall restaurants. Some of the big competitors among the Asian restaurants include Bonjour Vietnam, Co My Cantine, Cyclo, Dong Huong, Entre 2 Rives, Foyer Vietnam, Lao Lane Xang 2, Le Drapeau de la Fidelite, Le Rouleau de Printemps, L'Indochine, Lac Hong, Dong Phat, Foyer Mon Vietnam among others. Similarly, some of the big Asian restaurant's competitors include Saigon Pantheon, Le Bistrot dIndochine, Blueberry, Bien Bien, Shang Palace and FOODI Jia-Ba-Buay (Natasha, 2017). The following pie chart represents the percentage total of the Asians and Vietnamese restaurants.

Source: Based on the data from Natasha Edwards (2017).


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