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Published: 2021-06-29
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Australia is the country of my choice. Australia is a unique country in the sense that it is a country and the same time a continent, there are more Kangaroos in Australia than there are people, the longest national highway is found in Australia, and there is a cattle ranch in Australia that is bigger than the entire state of Israel.

Australia is both a country and a continent. Australia as a country is surrounded by about 8,000 small islands. The country has got rainforests, grasslands, plains, a few mountains, farmlands and deserts (Butler and Rosario 6). The inner part of Australia which we call the outback is a desert. It goes on for 800 miles. Most of the people and many animals live near the coastline. The temperature in Australia is pleasant; it is neither too hot nor too cold. Moss is the only plant life in Australia (Butler and Rosario 6). Australian desert is full of cacti that are in bloom (Butler and Rosario 5).

There are more kangaroos in Australia than there are people (Robbins 8). Australia is a country that is well known for kangaroos. Australian plains are full of kangaroos hopping. Kangaroos need big fit to jump. A jumping kangaroo moves very fast. Kangaroos long behind legs makes them powerful jumpers (Robbins 5). The largest kangaroo is known as the red kangaroo. There are two kinds of gray kangaroos. They are the eastern kangaroo and the western gray kangaroo. The fourth kind is the antilopine kangaroo.

Highway 1 is a national highway that is found in Australia and has a length of 14,500 km. As a matter of fact, Highway 1 encircles the whole of Australia. Highway 1 was constructed by the Australian government. Highway 1 joins all Australian mainland state capitals. Highway 1 is the longest national highway in the world. The length of Highway 1 exceeds the length of trans-Siberian Highway. Australias Highway I contains specific highways such as Pacific Highway- a major transport route along part of east coast of Australia, between Sydney and Brisbane. There is dominance of coastal routes and the routes are pegged on historic, geographic, economic and geopolitical factors (Adamatzky 47).

There is a cattle ranch in Australia that is bigger than the entire country of Israel. The cattle ranch is 23,000 square kilometers long, and it is known as Anna Creek station. It is the largest cattle station in the world. Anna Creek Station is about 26,000 square kilometers in length. It roughly the size of Belgium and four times the size of Americas largest ranch. I wear a Woomera hat. I have lived at Anna Creek most of my life and have worn a hat all my life. When the temperature gets really high it protects your head (Turner 63).


In conclusion, Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world. Not only is Australia a country, but it is also a continent. It is strange that there are more Kangaroos in Australia than there are people. Australia is the only country that has a highway that encircles the whole of the country. It is astonishing that there is a cattle ranch in Australia whose size is larger than the entire nation of Israel. Suffice is to state, Australia is one of the most unique and interesting countries in the world.

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