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Published: 2021-07-16
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The line between what is wrong and what is right is quite confusing since there is no clear guidance provided. However, decision making in the field of nursing is based upon certain basic principles that are regarded as the ethical guidelines. To achieve gold standards, a regulatory measure is laid down. These measures provide that respect for human right and culture should be part of the nursing career to achieve the best practice. Amidst the confusing ethical issues, it is noble to understand the state of the nursing profession a question that this work seeks to describe. The current state of the nursing career is faced with the inevitable ethical dilemma which is contributed to by the nature of human life in the contemporary society.

Currently, the nurses are confronted with an ethical dilemma in situations of patients noncompliance with medication. While the profession requires that the nurses care for the patients and ensure they receive medication as needed. With the current formulation of drugs, sometimes patients refuse to comply to the physicians prescription. A headache is here is as to whether they should force the patients to comply or just sit down and watch. The reality is that nurses are bound by their profession to work towards the realization of the of the welfare of the sick despite the fact that they do not sign any agreement to do this part of work (Burkhardt & Nathaniel,2013).

With the current rise in cases of abortion following its legalization in most countries, most decisions in the nursing profession to be individualist based rather than a mutual accession. For instance, a nurse would discourage or encourage a mother to perform an abortion based on their belief. Nurses with strong Christian background would discourage abortion and refuse to be part of it (Ulrich, 2010). The one of atheist belief or lacking good religious foundation would, however, see no evil in performing the act. This is a situation I which nurses are forced to choose between what the laws of the land states and their own ethical beliefs.

The nursing career is also currently faced with the challenge of honest of providing information. With the current rise in diseases some without cure, it is sometimes advised not to let the patients know whats ailing them to prolong their lives. Sometimes even some family members could be protected from such stressful information. On another light, while dealing with juveniles, nurses wonder whether they should pass all information to parents or keep it to with the minors. This is challenges faced against the backdrop of people that are prone to live threatening diseases and people that have become more inquisitive and knowledgeable. A classical dilemma nurses face in this situation is infringing the patients right to privacy while informing their parents about their status (Bandman & Bandman,2002).

My views on the nursing career have changed from regular profession to a career that is more complex and dynamic. This considered point is arrived at from the consideration of everyday ethical dilemmas in this field some of which could attract judicial intervention. A focus on virtues and caring ways would help propel the nursing career to a greater level and to reach higher advancements. This is because the ethical situations require the sober mind with strong religious and cultural understanding. A mind that has a combination of the two would make a decision that is pro-humanity. By making such decisions, nursing care would be the most loved career in the world.


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