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Published: 2021-06-25
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In the business owned and managed by Johnson&Johnson, the executive leaders must ensure that the workers perform duties efficiently for high performance in the organization. J&J need to put into consideration human capital for motivating employees as it is one of the key factors that leads to the success of a corporation by competence, intellectual ability, and application of new skills by the workers in performing their duties for the fulfillment of the organizational goals.

Question 1:

The management of human capital by Jognson&Johnson in their franchise business as reported by Dennis&Laura (2017), shows that in a market segment, the executive team must always ensure that they regularly monitor their, marketing structure, manufacturing process Research and Development (R&D) strategy. The reason is that they will have high profitability ratio at the end of the trading period. The J&J company is one of the largest pharmaceutical operators follows the ETHICON factor in creating great value for shareholders based on the services they offer. Their daily operations are, however, governed by a given set of principles and rules known as Credo. Despite being a family business, what holds them together as a worldwide company is working as a team through proper coordination, understanding and good communication with the aim of achieving the organizational goals. Some of the designs that their credo analyzes and they need to put in place includes:

First, their duty to consider customer needs such as nurses, consumers, and doctors while doing its operations is ensuring that meet their requirements within the required time for self-satisfaction. Secondly, the management needs to place their focus on employees within the organization. The workers must be entitled to a healthy working environment; they should also be treated with high respect, dignity and allow to operate in their areas of specialization without any interference to increase the growth in sales or services of the institution. Furthermore, they need to analyze the primary society needs within a given period based where they live and work in ensuring they have proper security and sharing the corporate responsibilities. For the shareholders in Johnson & Johnson to have fair returns on their commodities and attain success, they must ensure that at all cost the customers, community and employees needs are handled and delivered within the required time.

Every employee in the business had a role to play in serving their customers, for example, purchase of medical devices and adoption of modern surgical equipment. Based on the business vision and continual operations, the J&J Company decided to draft a short and long-term strategy that the firm will use in creating a shared pool for meeting the financial commitments, stock allocation and individual cash awards regarding their performance in the corporate sector. In turn, the company will have a raised knowledge on innovations and technology in the market for higher productivity and maintenance of customers in the future.

Question 2: The three employment laws and its consequences

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act enacted in 1972 in the U.S, for Equal job opportunities to all employees in a business sector despite their nationality, sex, religion, color or race. The law applies to all areas of activity whether private or public. The rules included the following:

Equal pay Act of 1963 is the first law: it stated that no employee should be discriminated when it comes to payment of their wages based on their sex, responsibilities or skills applied in doing the same job under similar environmental conditions. They pay should only be used when measuring the performance outcomes and earnings of the customers. The consequence of this law is that if the manager fails to abide by it, most workers will resign from the workplace and look for other organizations that pay their employer's relatively good salary based on the kind of duty they are assigned to do.

Another law was the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that fought for the rights of the qualified disabled people at the workforce. It prohibits the act of discrimination against such workers in the industry, and the manager is entitled to giving reasonable treatment to these individuals by considering training programs, advances, and compensations of these disabled people. The managers need to comply with these rules because despite a person being disabled, they can always use their skills in dealing with other duties relating to the company such as book-keeping

The third law was the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967(ADEA) which stated that employers should not consider age when recruiting workers especially the young people. On the other hand, managers that were temporarily leading the company were to adhere to the ADEA in ensuring that most of the employee's retired at the age of 65 as indicated by the law. Disability in a person should not hinder the manager to denying a job to such individuals. The reason is that they normally have skills and wise decision that can help in the business high productivity level.

Through exploration, the disabled employees can create new ways of handling machines in the company and deal with customers through different channels. When a disabled person applies for a job, qualities but gets discriminated, the law should act to protect against the manager for the less inferiority admiration (Dressler, n.d). The consequence of not following this kind of law was that it created overdependence individuals among the employed labor force for they could not sustain themselves due to the massive unemployment in the economy.

Question 3:

The management team needs to design a payment plan that will ensure the continual sustenance of workers. They also need to have policies for encouraging these employees based on their performance at a particular time, for example, salary increase, giving awards to the outstanding workers and job promotion. By caring out these practices, they will reduce the number of an employee taking early retirement and boycotting duties among others. Such policies were to be done due to the moderate reduction in sales that the company encountered making the manager to hold several salary dues for the workers. The executive leaders must always watch the operating and financial activities that will get them manufacture more commodities for the buyers at the prevailing market price.

They will also be able to give a correct diagnosis to clients following the clear line of communication in the company. Through communication, these workers can consult on the right diagnosis to give to a patient and be entitled to their work. It is for efficient services to the clients, favorable working conditions with appropriate equipment for use are essentials that the manager, must ensure each worker has and delegating jobs according to their level of skills and knowledge.

For the leader to, avoid economic loss, the company must have price differentiations m in their products that will make them retain their profit or earnings. In summary, customer satisfaction should always be core reason of a company to operate. Their needs must be understood and dealt with for further economic growth in the society. Good leaders should always analyze the business strategy and determine ways that they can use in maintaining high yields and profits for the company. All workers in the organization must be respected, and their grievances solved to avoid J&J Company from making furthest losses in the enterprise (Will, 2004


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