Essay Sample On Designing the Physical Layout of Operations Processes

Published: 2021-07-20
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The physical managements in business operation and managements involves layout planning which is important in deciding on the finest physical arrangement of thing within the operational space. The physical management includes resources that utilize space within a facility. They include things like work center, a desk, a cabinet, an entire office, a person, or even a department (Lu and Wood, 2006). Deciding on the physical arrangement depends on the work to be done and the facilities being designed keeps on changing from time to time. Therefore, the resources used for physical layout makes a safe and efficient design. Besides, the type of work and activities to be conducted also determine the safety of the premises.

During decisions making of the operation layout, numerous considerations should be done to help in smooth running of operations (Braziotis et al., 2013). The first factor is the availability and volume of the resource. Extensive resources require a larger space, and they enhance speed and efficient service. Another factor is the number of human resources to operate in the set layout. When there are many people, there should be enough space for their movement and work. Type of activity to be done should also be considered as well. Manufacturing facilities will requires enough space (Rosenbaum and Massiah, 2011). Consequently, the layout process needs to flow during production. Smooth flow will positively affect the productivity of the business, therefore there should be no backtracking. When there is a steady stream of the design, it will improve on time, energy, and confusion within the premises. A good flow facilitates a face-to-face interaction with the clients and customers, which is equally important.

Proper and adequate physical layout of operations processes is critical in building healthy working relationships. When there is an efficient working condition, the workers will also have efficient and effective work relationship. The layout will enhance coordination of resources and the colleagues. An operation plan is also improving communication. Employees will be communicating from one cubicle or stage to the other. The poor layout will interfere with the communication. Finally, as stated earlier, it also increases the flow of information. Information from different sources should flow efficiently. The Proper set layout is necessary for that. The design resources should be considered to ensure that they promote communication. Considering all these factors, there will be economic uses of resources like time, human resource, and energy. Thats why it should be reviewed and executed in time.


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