Essay Sample on Defining and Measuring Quality in Health Care Organizations

Published: 2021-07-27
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Measure of quality in health care organization is very important. It ensures that the patient get quality services when getting treatment from healthcare organizations. Many people are investing in the healthcare sectors making them be an investment organization (Ackley, 2016). There are many factors which affect the quality of services offered in a healthcare organization. In this essay, we shall discuss the definition and measure of class in healthcare organizations.

The healthcare economics have changed with a rampant percentage recently which leads to an increased evolution in this department (Mazurek, 2016). The factors which contribute to these changes is something to do with advanced technology, medical care services offered in the clinical sectors, insurance issues. It results in variations in the timeline funding in the health economics as people fund their medical attentions in the therapeutic areas.

The evidence-based practice in health centers can help to measure the quality of services offered in these sectors since has also helped to increase the care giving and full attention to the patient which helps in better handling and improvement of the quality of services given (Okunade, 2017). Handing over of reports from the nurses help in reduce errors during analysis or investigation of illness in the patient. It contributes to increasing inaccuracy when conducting the laboratory tests to examine where the patient is suffering.

It would have the impact of ruling out the problem with the patient thus giving the exact medical drugs to treat or cure the disease which gives the patients better satisfaction. The change in technology contributes to improvement in the level of quality offered in the clinic thus variations of money charged for that purpose (P.C. Coyte, 2017). There is also increase in the standard of demand for the healthcare due to many types of diseases which are growing every day due to exposure.

In conclusion, medics should get adequately trained and should learn to give the patients the correct information especially in the private sector for money gains reducing quality measures. Some doctors may provide patients with the wrong prescription so that the patients healthy wont improve and will go back again and spend more money in the sector which is an advantage to the organization.


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